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American Airsoft Factory

"The Airsoft Gun That Talks Back To You"

The Brain Exploder posts a video on his second go with the American Airsoft Factory M4... "Full blowback airsoft replica, a gas blowback killer, perfect training weapon... so they said. On this second go round with the AAF (American Airsoft Factory) M4 I put it to a field test and the results are a rollercoaster ride that ends in a death metal medley. 

American Airsoft Factory At SHOT Show 2019

Airsoft Pacific got another video from the recently concluded SHOT Show 2019 featuring the American Airsoft Factory... "We ran into the team of American Airsoft Factory in the Next GEN section of Shot Show 2019.  We were amazed, what an awesome and innovative product. Powell Dubois shows us the AAF unique recoil system that could be the answer your looking for … all electric, no gas. Did we mention it accepts all real steel furniture!"

Rad Plastic: American Airsoft Factory Review

Learn more about the new airsoft brand in the U.S. called the American Airsoft Factory as Rad Plastic does a review. The company offers AEGS that have open bolt blowback and a computerised fire control system that will allow you to change from full auto and variable round bursts. Also, they are on the expensive side in terms of pricing... "In this week's Episode I check out a really expensive airsoft gun. Enjoy!"

DeltaJay With American Airsoft Factory Guys

DeltaJay has the American Airsoft Factory guys featured in this video. Find out what this airsoft company has to offer to airsoft players... "The guys from American Airsoft Factory stopped by to drop off something really incredable! This is just a taste of the AAF Mako M4! Stay tuned to the channel to see my detailed review and gameplay for this game changer!"

Brain Exploder On AAF's Blowback AEG

The Brain Exploder checks out the blowback AEG from the American Airsoft Factory. Find out what he thinks about it in this video.... "The guys at AAF were kind to provide one of their new production rifles to check out. I discuss the new system and its theory as well as take it through some initial tests and troubles. "

American Airsoft Factory "Wabbe" CQC Part 1

We get to learn more about the offerings of the American Airsoft Factory in this video by Booligan Airsoft & Shooting Sports covering the "Wabbe" CQC. First part is an overview of the rifle... "I've got a production ready American Airsoft Factory 'Wabbe' CQC rifle in my hands, so let's start testing it out!"

American Airsoft Factory First Look

Booligan Airsoft & Shooting Sports got a scoop. He has been given an exclusive first look at th American Airsoft Factory which makes specialised airsoft guns and is based in Provost, Utah. However, it has a different firing mechanism which Booligan will show you in the video. It features simulated blowback and recoil which should make this very interesting. But it is going to be an expensive AEG with a price point like a Systema PTW.