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Amoeba Airsoft

Amoeba AS-01 Stryker Gen 2 Overview

Extreme Airsoft give us an overview on the second generation version of the Amoeba Striker S1 Sniper Rifle. Mainly made of polymer, this is a bolt-action airsoft sniper rifle with has a metal receiver, 20mm top rail, bolt and barrel assembly, and fluted ouer barrel. It comes with a 55-round magazine.

Amoeba Airsoft Got A New Website Look

Amoeba Airsoft just got a new look for their website and it has more content as compared to the original site. That means more information can be seen when visiting the site for product updates... "We are thrilled to announce our new website is online right now! The website will be filled with new contents continuously with better layout and showcase."

RWTV On The Ares Amoeba AS02

Marck West finds out if the new Ares Airsoft Amoeba AS02 Sniper Rifle is a better version than the original, the AS01 in this episode of RedWolf Airsoft TV (RWTV)... "The AS01 set a high standard for all out of the box sniper rifles. How does this, scout rifle inspired AS02 compare to its predecessor?

Amoeba Striker AS-02 Sniper Rifle Revealed

The second generation of the Amoeba Striker Sniper Rifle from Ares Airsoft was unveiled early this week, the Amoeba Striker AS-02... "In 2016, AMOEBA STRIKER AS-01 has been launched to the market, we are glad that it has became a sensation among players.

ASGI Uncut: Elite Force Amoeba AM016

Teagan tries the Amoeba AM016 AEG that is carried buy Elite Force in the U.S. in this Airsoft GI Uncyt episode... "The Amoeba has risen once again, and this 5th-generation model manufactured by ARES is now being distributed under Elite Force with upgraded components.

Vera Rockrose: Ares Amoeba AM-015

Vera Rockrose got in her hands the Ares Airsoft Amoeba AM-015, which others call the Stubby Badger. One of the more compact AEGs in the Amoeba family, this mainly made of Polymer with a CNC'd handguard and has a mock suppressor which is also a noise enhancer. Just like the other Amoeba AEGs, this got the EFCS that can you can program firing modes.

New Arrivals At Gunfire This Weekend

A good number of products from already know brands to airsoft players have arrived at Gunfire. If you have time to browse for some online airsoft shopping this weekend, better visit their online store. Check out the arrivals from Amoeba Airsoft, Ares Airsoft, GFC Energy, Redox, Range Solutions, Texar, Electro River, and Mechanix Wear. Click the links below to learn more:

Amoeba Striker S1 M-Lok Handguard

The second wave of accessories for the Amoeba Airsoft Strike S1 Sniper Rifle is starting to arrive. This second wave a a bunch of handguards and foregrips that you can choose from and the first batch is the M-Lok Handguards available in Black and Dark Earth colours... "M-LOK Accessories for STRIKER. Let's check for M-LOK design of first handguard, BK/DE color is available now!"

"Why Is The Gen5 Ares AM-016 Better?"

We lost track how many iterations the AM-016 from Amoeba of Ares Airsoft now is, and we just realised that it is now on its 5th generation. Jonathan Higgs Airsoftology explains why this is better with its Octarms KeyMod Handguard and "not a honey badger" design. Just like the Amoeba series, it has the EFCS system tha can be programmed.

STRM Airsoft: Amoeba Striker S1 HPA

STRM Airsoft reviews the Amoeba Striker S1 HPA.The HPA engine to power this sniper rifle is the SDiK from Mancraft. Literally called the Sniper Drop-in Kit, it allows for the conversion of a spring powered airsoft sniper rifle into an HPA-powered one. If used with the Mancraft regulator, it can allow for continuous adjustment of velocity.