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Amoeba Airsoft

Impact Force Custom Amoeba M4 12" Octarms

New custom gun from Impact Force CQB now available to order. The Impact Force Custom Amoeba M4 Octarms 12 Inch Keymod AEG Rifle for Nam is based on the Amoeba M4 12-inch Octarms KeyMod AEG. It uses parts from APS-X, Guarder, PTS Syndicate, MadBull Airsoft, Magpuk, Army Force, and G&P. It comes with the G&P 1,500 round drum magazine when purchased. Full details below:

Ares Amoeba AM-016 At RedWolf Airsoft

The newly released Ares Amoeba AM-016 AEG, which some will say is the longer version of the successful AM-013 can now be ordered from RedWolf Airsoft... "The ARES Amoeba AM-016 AEG Series comes in either tan or black and is the latest line of Amoeba AEGs which we all know to be more reliable than its predecessors.

Amoeba Airsoft AEGs At Jag Precision

Jag Precision got the Ares Airsoft Amoeba Airsoft AEGs ready for you this summer season... "When you take your first look at the Amoeba Airsoft rifles you will notice that each rifle has its own stand out characteristics that range from a different stock to front hand guard or receiver. With these unique rifles it will give you a choice for your local CQB field or your Outdoor field.

Ares Amoeba Pro M4 KM10 Review

ScarFab94 does a review of the Ares Amoeba Pro M4 KM10, the 10-inch version in the Ares Amoeba Octarms X Series. This has a metal receiver with Amoeba internals, which means a gearbox with the EFCS that you can program with the Ares Gearbox programmer which you will have to purchase separately. The review is in French, but thankfully, there are English subtitles.

Ares Airsoft Releases The New Amoeba AM-016

The latest Amoeba AEG from Ares Airsoft the Amoeba AM-016 is now released. It comes with the retractable stock that many would recall to have been first featured on the hot selling AM-013, now it also features a "Shield Crusher" flash hider which looks similar to the Strike Industries Cookie Cutter... "AMOEBA launch new model, AM-016, and it is ready for shipment to our official distributors. The detail of this product can be found on our website.

Ares x Amoeba AxA Airsoft Series Announced

A good looking series of AEGs from Ares' Amoeba Airsoft, called the "AxA" Series have been annonced. Four models in black and dark earth colours will be available under this series... "Our new series ARES x AMOEBA 'AxA' are just launched. New AXA includes the 'ARES Full Metal Body with EFCS', AMOEBA PRO 'Modular Handgurad System, MHS', 'Tactical Buttstock', and 'Tactical Grip'. ARES also provides a list of accessories for upgrade and modification. For more  details, pls. click the link below.

Airsoftology: Ares Amoeba CCP M4 AEG

Airsoftology's Jonathan Higgs features the Ares Amoeba CCP M4 AEG "Pistols" in this video review. This compact AEG can be handy as a CQB primary or backup in woodland games... "Jonathan dives in with the Ares Amoeba AR pistols to see if these little CQB Ready AEGs can serve double duty as a beefy sidearm too."

Ares Amoeba Octarms X KM15 Video

One of our favourite Spanish-language YouTube Channels, Banana Airsoft, gives a product presentation on the Ares Amoeba Octarms x M4 KM15 AEG. The Octarms Series comes in various lengths and for this review, it is the AEG with the 15-inch rail system. It has a metal receiver, a KeyMod rail system to make it lightweight and have a lower profile, it is a programmable with the Gearbox programmer box that is a standard feature in most Amoeba airsoft guns.

Ares Amoeba AM-015 AEG Overview

Here is an overview video by Airsoft Station of the more compact Amoeba AM-015 AEG from Ares Airsoft... "The AM-015 is the shorter cousin of the AM-013 and AM-014 AEGs by ARES. This CQB monster has the same internal features as their bigger counterparts but is much shorter and more compact. Comes in black and tan."

Gunfire: Real Sword, UTG, Baofeng & More

Those who are looking for those hard to find AEGs from Real Sword, better proceed to Gunfire right now as they have them in stock such as the Type 97 and Type 56 AEGs. Also they now have the Amoeba Airsoft Octarms carbines and optics from UTG. As for gear, get your Russian loadout stuff with TAG Wear and comms with the popular Baofeng radios.

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