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Amoeba Airsoft

Gunfire: Real Sword, UTG, Baofeng & More

Those who are looking for those hard to find AEGs from Real Sword, better proceed to Gunfire right now as they have them in stock such as the Type 97 and Type 56 AEGs. Also they now have the Amoeba Airsoft Octarms carbines and optics from UTG. As for gear, get your Russian loadout stuff with TAG Wear and comms with the popular Baofeng radios.

Click the links below to learn more:

Amoeba ECU External Programmer In Stock

For owners of Ares Airsoft and its Amoeba Airsoft brand AEGs that are equipped with the EFCS can now order from Airsoft Atlanta the Amoeba ECU External Programmer... "The Amoeba ECU External Programmeris specifically made to program your AEG gun's mosfet unit for Amoeba. A really cool device to use on your team's guns. Use once to program and your gun saves the shooting profile.

eHobby Asia Amoeba M4 Octarms Video

Previously, eHobby Asia announced the availability of the new Ares Amoeba M4 Octarms KeyMod AEG Series at their store. Now, they produced a video showing the line-up. The Octarms are a series of AEGs that have a full metal receiver and equipped with the Ares Airsoft EFCS Metal Gearbox that is programmable with the separate EFCS programmer.

Evike [The Gun Corner]: Amoeba MR/E

For this episode of's "The Gun Corner" they feature another in the Ares Airsoft Amoeba brand, the Amoeba MR/E Micro-CQB M4 AEG. Amoeba is known for its compact size AEGs making them popular in CQB games as they are perfect in such situations. It is now in stock at the online store where it is available in black and dark earth colours.

Amoeba M4 Octarms Keymod AEG At eHobby

All the new Amoeba Octarms KeyMod AEGs from Ares Airsoft are in stock right now at eHobby Asia. All equipped with the EFCS, you can choose 6 different lengths to suit your playing preferences... "Featuring both EFCS Metal Gearbox, work with ARES Electronic Firing Control System Gearbox Programmer.

Can select 4 different ways your AEG will fire:

ARES Octarms X Amoeba M4-KM15

The latest in the Amoeba Airsoft line of Ares Airsoft, the Octarms X Amoeba M4-KM15 is available at RedWolf Airsoft... "The ARES Octarms X Amoeba M4 Assault Rifle AEG comes in a variety of lengths (this version features a 15 inch rail system) in either tan or black form and is the latest in the line of Amoeba AEGs which we all know to be more reliable than its predecessors.

Airsoft GI: Ares Amoeba Micro AEG

Bob talks about the line of compact AEGs from Ares Airsoft's Amoeba brand in this Airsoft GI video... "It's extremely compact design serves a great purpose in close quarter environments. Externally, the Amoeba features a polymer upper and lower receiver. The unique design features an engraved logo on the left side.

Airsoft Atlanta Amoeba AEG Series Review

Find out about the line of Amoeba compact AEGs from Ares Airsoft in this new video from Airsoft Atlanta... "We review the M4 carbine series of Amoeba AEG airsoft guns. The Micro, 'Honey Badger', AM series, and more! Guns available in both all black and dark earth tan variants.

Amoeba AEGs can be found online here."

Amoeba Airsoft AEGs Now At Airsoft Atlanta

Airsoft Atlanta are now official stockists of Ares Airsoft's Amoeba AEG line, starting with this "Micro-M4" or also known as the AM-015 with more compact AEGS coming in under the Amoeba brand...

Amoeba AM-015 AEG Now At MoaiHobby

The Ares Airsoft Amoeba M4 AM-015 CQC Assault Rifle can now be ordered from MoaiHobby. Available in black and dark earth colours, the AM-015 is a compact AE with aluminium outer barrel with a suppressor, 6.03 inner barrel, and CNC'd aluminium hanguard that has rails and two handstops. As for the receiver, the receiver is made of Nylon Fibre, which also is the same material uses for the extendable stock.