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Amped Airsoft

Amped Minute Mondays: Wolverine Reaper

Here is another look at the Wolverine Airsoft Reaper HPA Engine as featued in Amped Airsoft's Minute Mondays... "Evan brings us a quick look at the Wolverine Reaper! With several different price options and its closed bolt system, the Wolverine Reaper brings a cool perspective to the market of HPA drop in systems!"

Amped Airsoft Gear Talks: Beginner Tips

Some advice from the Amped Airsoft guys for beginners in this episode of Gear Talks... "Matt and Dan explain some ideas for beginners getting into airsoft as a the spobby it is. Hopefully giving some insight and advice to make getting involved in the game easier. Make sure that if you are more experienced to throw some advice in the comments as well!"

Amped Airsoft LBX Uniforms Overview

A comparison of the uniforms made by LBX Tactical in this Amped Airsoft overview video... "Matt gives y'all a comparison between the old a new gen LBX uniforms. They're a great option for anyone looking for a high quality uniform option no matter what gen uniform you choose."

Amped Edition PolarStar Fusion Engine

In this episode of Minute Monday, Amped Airsoft shows the Amped Edition PolarStar Fusion Engine.  This has has upgrades for better performance and comes with an M4/M16 series trigger and steel selector plate so that it can be installed into any M4/M16 series AEG which is Tokyo Marui compatible... "This Minute Monday, Matt Goes over the Amped Edition of the PolarStar Fusion Engine.

Amped Airsoft: PStar F2 Announcement

Amped Airsoft are expecting to have in stock the new PolarStar Airsoft F2 HPA Engine and they recommend that you place your orders now to be part of the first batch owners... "HEY YOU GUUUYS! The time is finally upon us, the wait is almost over. Get your pre-orders in for the F2 ASAP so that we can start shipping them out to you as soon as they arrive! First come first serve."

Amped Gear Talks: HPA Bag Options

Having a hard time how to decide how to carry your HPA tank with you when you go to the field? Amped Airsoft got you covered as they talk about HPA bag options in this Gear Talks episode... "Matt shows us some options on ways to carry your HPA tanks, this topic can be pretty extensive so heres just the down and dirty of it."

Amped Airsoft: Umarex G36C Elite

In this product spotlight presentation by Amped Airsoft, Evan talks about the Umarex G36 Elite, an electric blowback airsoft rifle... "Evan decided to take some time away from his busy schedule to drop by the studio and lay down some informative information on the Umarex G36C Elite. Check it!"

Amped Airsoft At MSATO's OP: DIRIGO

Airsoft gameplay video from Amped Airsoft covering Operation Dirigo that was organised by MSATO. This took place last 12-13 August 2017 on Ayers Island, Maine... "A couple weeks ago we got the opportunity to vend and play at MSATO's OP: DIRIGO out in Orono, Maine on Ayer's Island. The gameplay was intense and fun as all MSATO events are. Make sure to check them out if you're interested in milsim events.

Amped Custom Cerakote Minute Mondays

Check out this custom Amped Cerakote Custom Jack Build which is made of this Custom Socom Gear Noveske Fortis CQB JACK Build coated in Burnt Bronze... "Dan gives a a quick one over of one of his own creations! Cerakoted in house, this Amped Custom rifle is legit."

Amped Airsoft Custom Products Overview

Amped Airsoft got a line-up of custom products to meet needs of airsoft players that in the field... "Matt goes through some of the main products that we manufacture along with the services we offer. From HPA accessories, gun builds, cerakote and even AEG receivers we have plenty of products out there for everyone to use. Make sure to check out the website for more!