APS 9mm PCC Conversion Kit For ASK Series


A demo by APS of their 9mm Conversion Kit For the ASK Series. The APS 9mm PCC conversion kit for ASK series (AEK043 /Airsoft Part) is a metal alloy accessory that allows you to use 9mm PCC magazines with most AK receivers. It has an extended release lever and a magwell for quick and easy reloading. It is simple to install and compatible with most AK variants.

APS APM40 Takedown For Maintenance


For owners of the APS APM40 airsoft sniper rifle, they can follow this video released by APS showing how to take it apart for repair or maintenance. The APS APM40 airsoft sniper rifle features a 6.03mm stainless inner barrel with six built-in barrel stabilizers, which help to improve accuracy and range. The trigger pull is adjustable, allowing you to customize the feel of the rifle to your own preferences. The buttstock is also removable with a single button, making it easy to adjust the length of pull.

Airsoft Armoury's APS Airsoft Guns Showcase


Airsoft Armoury's does a showcase video showing the various APS airsoft guns they have availble for their customers. Shown in the video are the APS Phantom Extremis MK10, APS Phantom Extremis MK8, Silver Edge S.D.U 2.0, Ghost Patrol Compact AK EBB. Check the video out if you find the showcase a good look into APS airsoft products.

APS G-Box CO2 Gas System Series Review By Evike.com


Take your pick or just take both to fit your needs for a carbine length X2 for outdoor games or the compact X1 one for CQB, Evike.com give their take on the APS G-BOX CO2 Blowback Series. The APS G-BOX gas blowback gearbox system is a high-quality, full-metal construction that is compatible with AEG components such as the receiver, handguard, stock, pistol grip, fire selector, magazine release, and charging handle.

0'20 Magazine: A GBB In The Body Of An AEG?


In Issue 47 of the English edition of 0'20 Magazine, another APS airsoft gun gets featured, the APS X2 Ultimate Gas Blowback Rifle... "The announcement of the APS X1 was initially surprising, not because APS brought out a GBB (it has a lot of experience in this thanks to its pistols), but because it announced that its GBB system was compatible with the AEG body in its catalogue. This gave rise to an extensive starting offer for players and was followed by the announcement of the APS X2.

0'20 Magazine: The APS Noveske 9 Rifles


Is it an SMG or an Assault Rifle? 0'20 Magazine writes in Issue 47 of the English edition of the Magazine about the APS Noveske 9 Rifles, which are licensed Noveske PCCs, via EMG.. "In 2019, with EMG licences, APS brought out the Noveske Space Invader 9mm, a replica of the model by North American firearms manufacturer Noveske Rifleworks and one of the most beautiful AR9-style replicas that had been seen on the market.

The APS Remington Model 870 Airsoft Shotgun Series


Liberator Airsoft of Korea goes over briefly the CAM870 series from APS. We assume by now the many of the Popular Airsoft readers know the CAM870 series to be the realistic shell-ejecting airsoft shotgun series from APS. Liberator Airsoft shows how the shotgun works, including an animation on how the system works.

That BB Guy On The APS X1 GBBR


That BB Guy gives his take on the APS X1 Gas Blowback Rifle if it is an innovative airsoft gun or not... "The X1 is one of the newest gas blowback replicas from APS. However, is this airsoft replica truly new and innovative? Is this going to be the GBB killer that APS is claiming it to be? Is this GBBR really going to change airsoft for the better. Or, is this just going to add another mundane gas blowback m4 to choose from.

Gunfire: You Don't Know APS Airsoft?


Perhaps you do and you tend to think about APS with the CAM870 realistic operating airsoft shotgun series. But the company does more and here is Leszek of Gunfire to tell you the other stuff it produces... "The manufacturer's range is wide, so here's a quick overview!

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