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Arcturus Airsoft

Arcturus Airsoft "Lite" Range At WGC Shop

A line of affordable Arcturus "Lite" Range of AEGs is available at WGC Shop... "New 'Lite' range presented by Arcturus. It comes with nylon fiber receiver, aluminum rail and Arcturus' ver.2 gearbox with high performance, and of course, it's Li-Poly battery ready! As to its light weight and high performance features, it's a good choice for kid(certain countries), girl friend, wife and new comer."

Arcturus Centaur B AEG Review

Team Blacksheep reviews one of the Arcturus AEGs, the Centaur B. The video covers an overall review of the externals and a takedown of the AEG and a write up of the gearbox used for this AEG... "Review of the new Arcturus Centaur B which is brand new to the Airsoft scene and not out just yet!"

Read the Gearbox review here.

Team Blacksheep: Arcturus AEGs Unboxing

More on the Arcturus Airsoft offerings from Team Blacksheep as Brian Holt gives us an unboxing story o fhte Centaur A and B, SR16, AR15, and the PDW... "Got the big box of the rifles sent in by Arcturus to do an Unboxing video first and then the follow up in depth reviews and gearbox review. As mentioned int he video one or more of these rifles will be given away for other reviewers and or you our fans! So with that being said please share this blog and video and keep your friends in the loop.

Team Blacksheep: Arcturus Airsoft Brand

Team Blacksheep does a review of two models from a new airsoft brand called "Arcturus Airsoft". In the video, they show the AEGs but as Brian writes, there are already 5 models ready to go... "Excited to introduce a new Airsoft brand to the market called 'Arcturus' and the 5 models already in the works for immediate release.