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SWAP: WE Airsoft M4 Bolt Disassembly

Special Weapons and Plastic (SWAP) show you how to disassemble the WE Airsoft M4 Bolt. This applies to other WE AR-style airsoft rifles as well... "Today I will disassemble the WE M4 BOLT which is the same bolt that can be found in a WE M16, 416, XM177, M733, T91 and other ARs."

BB Dynamics: VSR10 Wolverine Bolt

BB Dynamics show what they say is the best HPA sniper platform build using the Wolverine Airsoft Bolt HPA System for the VSR-10 of Tokyo Marui and other compatible airsoft sniper rifles from other companies... "In this video we show what the best HPA airsoft sniper build. Look on some of these pages for more info on this build."

BOLT Airsoft BRSS Series Now In Turkey

Turgay Dansık, the founder of Airsoft Pro and Sales Manager of EVO Sports, does a livestream announce the availability of BOLT Airsoft in Turkey. This means that Turkish airsoft player can now use the Bolt Recoil Shock System (BRSS) or the blowback and recoil features of the BOLT AEGs... "Evo sports brought many new brands to us in 2018, we will inform you about the products in this live broadcast.

APS CAM870 Bolt Disassembly Video

Another disassembly video of the APS CAM870 CO2-powered shotgun by Special Weapons and Plastic (SWAP) showing you how to disassemble the Bolt... "There's nothing wrong with my bolt, and it's working flawlessly. Let's find out why! This will be my third, and final, disassembly video of the CAM870 Mk1 shotgun."

FG-Airsoft SBA SRS Pull+Push Bolt

FG-Airsoft show their pull+push system designed for the Silverback Airsoft SRS Sniper Rifle... "With the FG-AIRSOFT Pull+Push system, one half of the energy is accumulated by pulling the bolt, the other half by pushing it. It's twice less hard! That's really easier to keep the target in the scope when reloading. Compatible Pull or Push version"

Wolverine Airsoft Bolt Sniper Rifle Review

In this episode of the Amped Airsoft Honest Guys Review, they get to review the Wolverine Airsoft Bolt HPA-powered Sniper Rifle... "Anthony and Matt are in the studio today to finally bring you guys a review of the Wolverine Airsoft Bolt! This innovative drop in system for bolt action sniper rifles is one of the coolest HPA upgrades for an airsoft replica on the market to date, and we want you guys to see more about it if you haven't yet!

Airsoftjunkiez Custom HPA Gun Videos

Airsoftjunkiez have posted two videos showing their custom HPA-powered airsoft guns on Facebook. The first one is the Airsoftjunkiez G&G N7 Milsim build and the second one is the Airsoftjunkiez Custom PSR 10 with Wolverine Bolt and High Pressure storm reg shooting 3.3j with .4g HPA.

Bolt SWAT BRSS 17 November Release

The wait is almost over. Bolt Airsoft announce that their SWAT BRSS will be released next week, the 17th of November 2016. This is their airsoft version of the MP5 with the BRSS system, or the Bolt Recoil Simulation System installed for the recoil and effect as well as a blowback feature. Video of prototype being fired below:

Wolverine Airsoft BOLT Sniper Gameplay

It looks like there is a new menace in the airsoft field will hound airsoft playes --- an airsoft sniper equipped with the Wolverine BOLT and a Tokyo Marui VSR-10 sniper rifle. Reventian has this gameplay video of it in action... "First impression and gameplay of my VSR-10 G-SPEC with the Wolverine Bolt. This is thing is a Headshot delivery machine!"

SRS Bolt Pull vs Push & Spring Upgrade

The Brain Exploder compares the Silverback Airsoft SRS Bolts with the standard bolt against the upgrade... "Taking a look at the two bolt options out there. One comes with the gun and is terrible and the other is an aftermarket upgrade and is glorious so get the pull bolt and live a happy life."