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Bullgear: PTW Upgrade To HPA + Tracer

What travesty is this? An HPA upgrade to a very expensive airsoft gun, a Systema PTW. Anyway, Bullgear shows the reworking of a Systema PTW and Celcius CTW with the BBD Bullgear Conversion Kit, allowing it to be powered with HPA. The CTW is said to be a clone of the PTW, so it can be converted as well. A tracer has been integrated into this HPA build.

Airsoftjunkiez HPA MP7 Bullgear Hop-Up Install

Airsoftjunkiez shows you hot to install the Bullgear CNC HPA Hop-Up for Tokyo Marui MP7 Series in this video. You can get this right now at their onlinestore... "Detailed video to help with the installation of the MP7 Bullgear Hop Up onto Airsoftjunkiez or Bingo HPA chassis to give your MP7 improved consistency and range."

Airsoftjunkiez: TM MP7 Hop-Up By Bullgear

Airsoftjunkiez got in stock the Bullgear CNC Hop-Up for Tokyo Marui MP7 Series that use the (Bingo/PolarStar/Jack HPA Engine)... "This isn't just a replacement CNC hop up for Bullgear CNC Hop-Up for Tokyo Marui MP7 Series (Bingo / PolarStar / Jack HPA Engine). Made out of full metal so it will last longer and give you the edge in accuracy. Do make sure you use the original hop up and inner barrel.