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Preview: CZ Scorpion Evo Bullpup

There is a bullpup version of the CZ Scorpion EVO. This is done by Manticore Arms building the bullpup chassis for it which will be released in the USA soon. Will ASG also work on having an airsoft version of this given that they produce the airsoft CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1? We sure hope so. Here is a video from WeLikeShootingVideos on this bullpup.. "We sit down with Sven from Manticore Arms and get all the details about his Scorpion Evo Bullpup!

Limited Edition Custom Chopsaw Bullpup M249

Gameplay footage from Mohawk Tactical showing a Limited Edition Custom Chopsaw Bullpup M249 AEG. Too bad it's more of a gameplay video rather than a walkthrough on its features... "This Custom Chopsaw M249 with 10,000 round box mag. A special limited edition savage airsoft weapon, custom made at Ground Zero Airsoft. Gameplay footage May 25, 2018 at Ground Zero Airsoft USA."

Gunfire Instant Video: M14 EBR Bullpup

Here's another custom work from the GF Custom Division available at Gunfire, the M14 EBR Bullpup... "GF Custom Division is an idea born in the heads of the Gunfire airsoft team. We want to offer you the highest-quality replicas modified and configured by our team using the best, tested parts and accessories. No element of the replica is there for no reason - these are exactly the kind of configurations that we would like to use in the field.

Limited Edition Raptor PKP Bullpup AEG

Better get saving up for this as this will be released in August 2018. Raptor Airsoft announced that they are producing a Limited Edition PKP Bullup AEG.. A hefty AEG at 9.5 kilos, it has a quick spring change feature, 8mmm bearing gearbox, and auto trigger-libked feeding mechanism. As your favourite retailer if they will be having this in stock.


SRU GBB SR BUP K2 Bullpup Kit

Turn the KJ Works KC02 Blowback Rifle into a bullpup kit with the SR BUP Bullpup K2 Kit from SRU GBB. It turns the KC02 into a more futuristic looking airsoft rifle in a bullpup configuration. SRU GBB are now accepting pre-orders for the kit with a price of US$165.00.

Evike: SRU G5 & AK47 3D Printed Kits

Available now at the are the 3D printed conversion kits from SRU Prototype Division. For fans of bullpup airsoft guns, these kits allow you to convert the GHK G5 GBB SMG and the WE AK47 PMC into Bullpup Rifles. Matt shows you the custom guns they built using these bullpup conversion kits in this video.

Desert Tech MDR & Silverback MDR Photos

Some real steel and airsoft photos shown side by side courtesy of Silverback Airsoft as they post both the real steel DesertTech MDR and the Silverback Airsoft MDR Prototype  side by side at the IWA Outdoor Classics 2017. This is a bullpup rifle that is highly configurable and hopefully we get the airsoft version by the end of this year...

eHobby Asia: SRU Bullpup Kits & More

A long list of new products in stock at eHobby Asia this week. Starting with the Bullpup Kits for the Gas Blowback Rifles from SRU, other new arrivals are those from TAF Custom Tokyo Marui, Armorer Works, WinGun, 5.11 Tactical, Readt Fighter, Striker Industries, and Guarder. Just check the links below to learn more:

GHK G5 Bullpup GBB Version Coming Up

Another bullpup gas blowback rifle is coming this month according to SRU GBB and it's a version of one of the best GBB rifle in the market, the GHK Airsoft G5 GBB. We are not sure if this a conversion kit or a fully completed version of the G5 Bullpup. Hopefully, in retains the performance and kick of the original GHK G5.

SRU AK Bullpup Imminent Release

For airsoft players relishing the thought of being able to play with an AK bullup, SRU is all set to be releasing their SRU Bullpup Kit this month which they announced on Facebook early this month. The Kit will be available for the WE Airsoft AK PMC and all fixed stock versions of the GHK AK GBB. Here is the video again of the kit in action which they posted last November 2015.