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Bunny Workshop

Sightmark SM26006 At Bunny Workshop

Bunny Workshop got the Sightmark SM26006 Mini Shot Pro Spec w/Riser Mount in stock right now... "The Mini Shot Pro Spec Reflex Sight is an improved version of the most compact, lightweight sight in the Sightmark® reflex sight line.

Bunny Workshop: RWA Lee Enfield No. 4

Bunny Workshop are taking pre-orders for the RWA Lee Enfiled No. 4 rifle. Made from real wood with adjustable hop-up, it comes with a 30-round magazine and initial muzzle velocity of 400fps. Something for collectors of airsoft guns based on period rifles. Price for this piece is US$569.00, shipping costs not included.

G&G ARP9 Battleship Grey At Bunny Workshop

The sought after Battleship Grey version of the G&G ARP9 can be found right now at Bunny Workshop... "This has the Mil-spec M-Lok 5-inch rail, newly designed crown amplifier, a 300round high capacity 9mm style magazine, an electronic trigger unit, a pre-installed MOSFET, and the newest GOS-V5 PDW stock.

Bunny Workshop: HFC Drum Mag For Glocks

Bunny Workshop now got in stock at the HFC Gas Drum Magazine for Marui Glock GBB Pistols. This can be powered using Green Gas or HJPA and can feed 145 rounds to your Glock GBB Pistol. A refill of gas can give you 130 shots and comes with a 500BB squate bottle. Price is US$102.50 shipping cost not included.

Silverback SRS A1 Sport At Bunny Workshop

Now in stock right now at Bunny Workshop is the Silverback SRS A1 Sport with the Pull Bolt. Whilst this is the 20-inch version barrel and rail system length can be changed quickly. It comes with a 6.05mm AEG Barrel and available in black, tan, or olive dran with option of the bolt being on the left or right.

Custom Battleworn SR25 Silent Killer

Another custom airsoft gun for you to consider from Bunny Workshop... "The Bunny Custom Battleworn SR25 Silent Killer is based on the VFC SR25 GBB Airsoft Rifle that hsas been given the Cerakote (White BattleWorn) treatment with Special Logo. Other addons are the Magpul K2 Pistol Grip, Magpul AFG2 Angle Grip, AAC 762 QD Suppressor Dummy, SightMark 1-4 x 24 Tactical Mira Telescope, and the RMR With 45 Degree Mount for quick reflex shooting.

GSB STI 2011 Costa Carry Comp Slide Kit

Bunny Workshop are taking pre-orders for the GunSmith Bros - STI 2011 Costa Carry Comp Airsoft Slide Kit Set for the Tokyo Marui Hicapa Series. Made of high quality aluminium, the Slide Kit includes the Slide, Outer Barrel, Comp, Rear Sight & Front Sight, Frame with Rail, Recoil Spring Guide, and Guide Rod. It is a whooping US$529.99 and will be available in December 2017.

Earmor Sale At Bunny Workshop

Fancy getting one of those Earmor headsets available at some airsoft retailers? Bunny Workshop are having them on sale, giving customers 15% off their purchases this October... "Monthly Hot Sale! All Earmor Headset Product Now In 15% Off ! Please apply Discount Code 'EARMOR15' during Check Out."

Bunny Custom Full Steel KSC M11A1 GBB

Bunny Workshop show off their custom full steel KSC M11A1 Gas Blowback Pistol. This is built using the QRF Custom M11A1 Steel Conversion Kit for KSC M11A1 GBB (System 7). It has - Parkerizing Surface Finishing and the steel parts are the Upper Body, Lower Frame, Steel Stock, Steel Outer Barrel, Steel Sling Swivel, and Steel Pin.

Cybergun Desert Eagle At Bunny Workshop

In stock at Bunny Workshop is a Cybergun fully licensed IMI Desert Eagle with full marking. OEM by WE Airsoft, this is a 1:1 Scale replica of the real steel Desert Eagle .50AE. It does a full travel blowback and is packed with crazy kick & strong recoil feel per each shot. It has a extreme smooth slide cycling with clicks & clacks metal sound. This Gas Blow Back Pistol has Semi-Automatic Shooting Mode.