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Bunny Workshop

Bunny Custom MB47 SLR DMR GBBR

Check out the specs for this Bunny Custom MB47 SLR DMR Gas Blowback at Bunny Workshop. This is based on GHK AK GBB System with the Ready Fighter MB47 Receiver, and the SLR Style 13.5 inch MLOK S (Upper and Lower Rail). Other upgrades included are the Primary Arms AR Buffer Tube, Asura Dynamics AK Top Cover Rail with Marking Embedded, Magpul SL-K Stock, Magpul MOE AK Grip, and a 1-8 x Scope with Mount.

Bunny Workshop: G&G ARP9 Drum Mag

Here is how to become a menace in CQB games with the new G&G ARP9 PDW AEG, get the 1,500 round drum magazine made for it. That should outlast an enemy lurking around the corner as you can move in quick if you notice he/she is reloading. Available right now at a reduced price of US$55.00 at Bunny Workshop, this is made of Polymer and you have to wind it manually.

Bunny Custom SV Infinity Cross Race Gun

Action Air/Airsoft practical shooters might want to check this new custom gun at Bunny Workshop, the Bunny Custom SV Infinity Cross Open Race Gun Airsoft. This is based on Tokyo Marui Hicapa 5.1 GBB System and has been fine tuned by their in house gunsmith.

ShowGuns Kingsman TT-33 Pistol Shotgun

Bunny Workshop got in stock a custom Kingsman Pistol Shotgun made by ShowGuns right now and you can order it for US$385.00. Based on the pistol used in the "Kingsman" movie, the shotgun is made of CNC'd aluminium and CNC'd steel internals. The TT-33 is a WE system and it has a hard anodised finish, custom shortened trigger, conceal carry hammer, and CNC's wood grip panels.

AUDI RS6 x AK105 Tactical GBB Rifle

Marry your passion for cars with your passion for airsoft with this Bunny Custom AUDI RS6 x AK105 Tactical GBB Rifle from Bunny Workshop. This is based on the GHK AK105 GBB Rifle which is given a Cerakote AUDI RS6 Pattern coating. It comes kitted with an Asura Dynamics B10 Tactical Rail, Asura Dynamics Ar Stock Adapter Gen 2, Asura Dynamics Tactical AK Selector, and Asura Dynamics Tactical Gas Tube Rail.

Bunny Custom M870 Breacher SEALs Style

This is a cool custom airsoft shotgun at Bunny Workshop. The Bunny Custom Remington M870 Breacher Navy SEALs Style is based on the APS CAM870 CO2 Shotgun with steel outer barrel and bolt carrier. It has the Hogue Pistol Grip, Surefire Tactcal Rail, and custom isntalled Breacher Choke. For the finishing touch it has the Laser Engraved Remington and Wingmaster markings.

Sightmark Wolverine 1x23 CSR At BWS

Bunny Workshop are stockists of Sightmark optics and one of the items that they have in stock right now is the Wolverine 1x23 CSR Red Dot Sight in Dark Earth... "Designed specifically for shotguns and short-barreled rifles, the Sightmark Wolverine CSR FDE features a 4 MOA red dot reticle with a 23mm objective lens and adjustable digital switch brightness controls.

SOG Scout 24 Pack At Bunny Workshop

The SOG Scout 24 Pack from SOG Knives can be found right now at Bunny Workshop. It is available in grey and black colours... "Breaking the mold on conventional tactical packs, SOG introduces a line of packs that serve the traditional tactical user with added components designed for outdoor adventures.

Earmor M32H Headset At Bunny Workshop

Bunny Workshop got in stock the Earmor M32H Headset that comes with hearing protection... "The Earmor Tactical Hearing Protection Ear-Muff Helmet Version designed for noise that can cause permanent hearing loss which cannot be recovered. Noise levels above 125 decibels for even short periods of time, can cause permanent hearing loss.

Archangel Ruger 10/22 By Bunny Custom

There many things that you can do to change the look of the KJ Works KC-02 Blowback Rifle and Bunny Workshop just made one that looks good. The Bunny Custom Archangel Ruger 10/22 Airsoft GBB Rifle uses the Promag Archangel Tactical Stock, Ratech KC02 Outer Barrel Kit, Sightmark AR223 1-4x Tactical Scope, and given a deep laser Ruger 10/22 engraving.