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Bunny Workshop

WE SMG8 GBB Now at Bunny Workshop

Our Hong Kong content partner, Public Enemy, just posted news about the availability of the WE Airsoft SMG8 Gas Blowback SMG at Bunny Workshop. It is being retailed at such a very affordable price of US$155.00, though shipping costs are not included yet in the price. It comes in black or tan versions and the package includes a 44-round gas magazine, hex screw and instruction manual.

Bunny Workshop G5 GBB In Kryptek Typhon

With the Kryptek family of new generation 3D camouflage patterns getting more wider acceptance, Bunny Workshop surprise us with their announcement of having in stock a custom GHK G5 Gas Blowback Rifle that shows the darkest of the Kryptek colours --- the Typhon. Now, if you have a Krypek Typhon BDU to go with it, you'll have a loadout for CQB games that can turn heads, provided that they spot you.

Mayflower APC In Kryptek Highlander

Kryptek in Highlander Pattern is starting to show up now with Bunny Workshop announcing the availability of the Mayflower Assault Plate Carrier in that pattern. You can now order from the Bunny Workshop Online Store... "The Assault Plate Carrier (APC) is designed to provide the wearer with a high degree of mobility while providing ample surface area for mounting mission essential pouches.

Spartan Airsoft NVG18 Field Test

Public Enemy brought the Spartan Airsoft Dummy NVG18 to CQB Plaza for a field test to find out if a user look through the dummy lenses properly without any problem at all. Since it's a dummy, you'll have to forgive the user for some initial problems since he was shooting at low light conditions. But overall he can shoot at the targets well which means the lenses are clear enough to look through. Also take note that the shooter also wore spectacles.

Spartan Airsoft Dummy GPNVG18 Gwiyomi

Ahhh...uhmmm... well, hmmm... that's a unique way to present a product in this video from Bunny Workshop. Anyway, there you have aRick and friend wearing the Spartan Airsoft Dummy GPNVG18 in the background whilst this cute girl doing the actions with this popular viral YouTube song and video called Gwiyomi from the K-Pop singer Hari.

GHK G5, A&K PKM & VFC UMP In Stock

Some goodies are now available at Bunny Workshop with the A&K PKM Support Weapon AEG now in stock in all its glory with dummy bullets going with box magazines, the GHK G5 Gas Blowback SMG, and the VFC UMP Limited Run Asian Edition. Interested buyers cannot order directly from the website right now, but they can contact seller at the Bunny Workshop Facebook Page.

Product News From Bunny Workshop

If you're double checking your calendars to find out if it's still Easter Sunday or just dreaming of bunnies, better not let your imagination take the best of you. Those are the Bunnyworkshop Bunnies and they do pack a some goodies for you to order or pre-order. So what are these? Check the list below and better make your enquiry at the Bunny Workshop Facebook page whilst their website is still under development.

VFC UMP GBB DX Asia Edition

New video from Bunny Workshop as they show off the VFC UMP Gas Blowback SMG Asia Edition. They have provided more of its specifications below but forgot to include pricing of this one. Well, even if this is the Asian edition, players outside of Asia can still order this from them. You know, it's the fault of interwebs, right?

Bunny Workshop: GHK G5 GBB Pre-Order

Here's the Bunny read to take pre-orders fromthose interested in getting the GHK G5 GBB SMG, as BunnyWorkshop are now taking pre-orders. Their website is not yet up, but the best way is to contact them via email provided below... "This is the GHK G5, a compact weapon in the size of an SMG and yet takes 5.56 magazines. Over 90% of this weapon is constructed with Polymer, makes it one of the lightest GBBR on the market.

Hephaestus Charging Handle For AKS74u

IT'S THE EASTER BUNNY! ERRRR.. the Playboy Bunny? Oh! It's the Bunny Workshop Bunny showing off the new Charging Handle for the GHK AKS74U GBB made by Hephaestus. The Bunny whispered... "This is the 14mm Flash hider adapter and tactical hand guard with left side charging handle for GHK AKS74U by Hephaestus. Crafted with high grade Aluminum and CNCmachined, it will cost less than 100USD when available."