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Bunny Workshop

Bunny Workshop: WE Double Barrel Makarov

Another double barrel gas blowback from WE Airsoft as they decided to double the barrelsa good number of their airsoft pistols. The WE Double Barrel Makarov GBB is available at Bunny Workshop and is full metal. The safety lever is in the slid and comes with a double 16-round gas magazine. Now we just wait for them to make a double barrel airsoft M4 if they plan on doing it.

Dominator DM870 Sawed-Off CO2 Shotgun

Available right now at Bunny Workshop is the Dominator International DM870 Sawed-Off CO2Airsoft Shotgun. This is one of the airsoft shotguns with more realistic operation just like the APS CAM870 Series. This is powered by C02 as well and comes with a 6.04mm inner barrel and an initial muzzle velocity of 300 fps per BB.

BWS: Arrow Dynamic AN/PVS31 Dummy

In stock at Bunny Workshop right now is the Arrow Dynamic AN/PVS31 Dummy. Made of ABS, this is a non-functional replica of the NVG. It has metal parts and hexagon head screw assembly with standard UDL label included. You can order this right now for US$38.90, shipping costs not included.

Bunny Custom MB47 SLR "Golden Tiger" GBB

Bunny Workshop has been prolific in churning out custom gas blowback rifles the latest of which is the Bunny Custom MB47 SLR "Golden Tiger" GBB Rifle. Based on the GHK AK Gas Blowback System, it has the Ready Fighter MB47 Receiver, SLR AK5.4" Mid Keymod Handguard, the HOGUE AK Grip, and the StrikeIndustries Viper Mod 1 Carbine Stock. Other features are the Hephaestus Custom 60rds Gas Magazine, CAA AK extended mag release and the FightClubCustom Coating Cerakote "Golden TigerStripe."

Bunny Custom Warsport LVOA-S GBB

Another custom gun for you order from Bunny Workshop. The Bunny Custom WarSport LVOA-S Gas Blowback Rifle is based on the popular GHK M4 Gas Blowback Rifle. It has a laser engraved Warsport LVOA-C Marking on the receiver, and coated with CERAKOTE Combat Grey H-130. Other features are the BCM B5 Systems SOPMOD BRAVO Stock, BCM Gunfighter KAG, 1913 Picatinny Rail Version, BCM Gunfighter Grip Mod 3, the RA-TECH GHK M4 GBB Steel Bolt Carrier, and the Angry Gun Wire Cutter Rail System.

Bunny Custom Noveske 3Gun "SCARLETT" GBB

Bunny Workshop saw red when they built this custom gun. The Bunny Custom Noveske 3Gun "SCARLETT" Gas Blowback Rifle is based on WE M4 GBB System. The furniture it uses are the Angry Noveske Gen III Body Kit, Angry Multi-Length 300 Blackout Outer Barrel set, Magpul PTS PRS Sniper Stock, Mafioso CNC Steel Bolt Carrier for WE M4 GBB, and the Magpul MIAD GEN 1.1 Grip.

Bunny Custom: MB47 DMR Gas Blowback

Another custom gas blowback rifle from Bunny Workshop. The Bunny Custom MB47 DMR GBB is based on the GHK AK Gas System with a Ready Fighter MB47 Receiver, Ergo F93 Stock, Magpul-Style AK Handguard, and Rare Arms 7.62 Flash Hider. The other unique thing this has is the use of the FAB Quick Deploy AK Podium/Bipod Grip which is installed at the trigger and pistol grip area and you can use this for a more stable shooting.

Bunny Custom Kriss Vector CRB GBB

Bunny Workshop show their custom work on the KRISS Vector CRB Gas Blowback SMG. This is the KWA-made KRISS Vector GBB with its lower frame Cerakoted in Multicam Green. The stock adapter is equipped with the Magpul SL-K Stock, Mock Suppressor, and a Sightmark SM26008 Ultra Shot M.

Bunny Custom Izhmash Ultra CQB AK GBB

We dig this latest custom work from Bunny Workshop. The Bunny Custom Izhmash Ultra CQB AK Compact GBB Rifle is based on GHK AKM GBB Airsoft Rifle with a custom modify short frontend assembly. The furniture used are the Magpul AK Handguard, Grip and Folding Stock with the receiver having a laser deep engraving of the Izhmash AK Marking and a Surefire style Flash Hider for the business end.

Bunny Workshop: G&G ARP9-PDW Review

With the G&G ARP9-PDW AEG available now at Bunny Workshop, they took time to make a  very quick video review of it for you to evalaute before making a purchase decision. This has a Milspec M-Lok 5-inch rail, crown amplifier, ETU, MOSFET, and PDW Stock. The 9mm AEG magazines available are 300 rounds hig-cap, and the 60-round low capacity magazines.