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Bunny Workshop

Bunny Review: Cybergun SCAR-H GBBR

ThisIAn reviews the Cybergun SCAR-H Gas Blowback Rifle that you can find in stock right now at Bunny Workshop. This comes with fully licensed FN Herstal markings and it is a 1:1 scale airsoft replica of the real FNH SCAR-H. It has a metal upper receiver, polymer lower receiver grip and folding buttstock. Just like the real steel one, this has fully ambidextrous operations.

Bunny Review: Amoeba Striker AS01

The Bunny Reviews have been on overdrive lately and here it their review of the Amoeba Striker AS01 Sniper Rifle that is available at the Bunny Workshop online store... "Ares Amoeba 'STRIKER' S1 Sniper Rifle (Black) is an Airsoft 6mm BB Sniper Rifle designed by ARES as the ultimate starter Entry Range Rifle. The Rifle is constructed with a Polymer Body, Stock and Magazine with an Alloy Rail, Barrel, Trigger System, Internals and Rail.

Bunny Review: Hazard Concept CNVD-T Dummy

Bunny Workshop got a video of the Hazard Concept Dummy CNVD-T which is now on pre-order at their online store... "Hazard Concept is designing and manufacturing high quality and innovative tactical accessories to fulfill the needs of airsoft players in the World. Their aim is to combine super authentic, practical design, originality and innovation in our products which provide a wide variety of airsoft field gears and accessories for selection.

Bunny Review: Tokyo Marui CQBR Block1

ThisIan of Bunny Workshop reviews the latest M4 Gas Blowback rifle from Tokyo Marui that they now have available at their online store, the Tokyo Marui M4A1 CQBR Block1 MWS Gas Blowback Rifle... "Every parts of this Rifle are designed to resist to the blowback recoil.

Sightmark Ultra Shot Weapon Sight Review

Sightmark weapons sights are now available at Bunny Workshop and for their review, they subject the Sightmark Ultra Shot Reflex Sight to abuse such as freezing the sight with battery inside for over 12 hours at -23 Degrees Celcius Centigrade. Find out how it fared in the video with ThisIan presenting below:

Asura Dynamics PP19 Silencer Available

The Asura Dynamics PP19 Silencer in 14mm CCW or CW is now in stock at Bunny Workshop... "The brand new Asura Dynamics PP-19 silencer is a silencer modeled after the ones used in Russia by Russian special forces such as Vympel, FSB , SOBR and MVD VV. Constructed in lightweight aluminium, it attaches to almost all the AK/ PP-19 varients dependent on the threading."

Kydex Holster w/ G-Code RTI System MKV PM

Nice looking custom holster from Bunny Workshop. The Bunny Custom Kydex Holster for the Makarov PM Pistol has the Carbon Fabric in Tan Color with the Gcode RTI Hanger Embedded and Mount with Gcode RTI Molle Adapter. Contact them if interested in having one or if you want a custom job for your holster.

Sightmark Optics Now At Bunny Workshop

Bunny Workshop are now stockists of optics and red dot sights from Sightmark. The photo you see here are SM13072DCR, SM13026, SM13025, SM26020, SM26021 and SM14002 which you can order right now. You can go to their online store to find out more about these products and other stuff they have available for you.

Bunny Custom DDR Mpi-AK72NK GBB

Want to be an owner of a rare airsoft gun? Here is one from Bunny Workshop, a Bunny Custom DDR Mpi-AK72NK Gas Blowback Rifle. A rifle based on the AK-47 when the Democratic Republic of Germany (DDR or East Germany) was in existence, this airsoft rendition uses the GHK AK Gas Blowback tech and given a vintage look treatment with DDR selector marking and embedded serial number.

Bunny Workshop 69 Tactical PikaPool Patch

What if Dead Pool turns into Pikachu? Well, it's Pikapool alright and there's a PVC Patch available at Bunny Workshop. The 69 Tactical PikaPool PVC Patch costs US$13.50 and we wonder what is its combat power in Pokemon Go. Anyway, we know of someone from Denmark who might take interest in this.

Yes, Kireru Airsoft, we're talking about you.