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Yosser: Helikon PCS MP Review

Yosser's Airsoft Odyssey gets an exclusive review of the Helikon Personal Clothing System... "Great to have some British style kit for review, I'm told its made to compliment the British MTP which as airsofters we find difficult to get hold of, so this will make a welcome addition to many an airsofters loadout.

UFPRO Sniper Garment System in PenCott Camo

Hyde Definition gets another tactical clothing gear maker to use the PenCott Camo pattern for their Sniper Garment System... "Slovenian clothing maker UFPRO have updated their website with up-close detailed photos of their Sniper Garment System made from Hyde Definition’s PenCott-GreenZone camouflage. They are also manufacturing the ensemble in Badlands.

New Emerson AOR1 Navy SEAL Summer Edition

YZH Skirmish Co. a supplier of many tactical gear and airsoft upgrade parts sent in news that they got delivery of the new Emerson AOR1 which now is made with Teflon. With this fabric the BDU is said to waterproof, odour-proof, and breathable as the Teflon is Milspec T/C 65/35. Even the dyeing process is also Milspec that thousands of machine wash will need to be done before the colour totally fades out.

Propper A-TACS FG at UK Tactical

UK Tactical becomes the latest company in the UK to have in stock the FG version of the A-TACS Clothing by Propper International. You can have a complete set as what they have in stock are the trousers, combat shirt, ACU combat coat, and boonie hat. All reasonably priced and if you're after the latest "guccicam", then you will like the A-TACS pattern.

Crye Precision G3 All Weather Apparel

Crye Precision just updated their G3 combat apparel line up with the addition of the G3 All Weather versions. Still based on the design of the original G3 but with the fabric laminated with the NanoSTX for wind and rain resistant outergarment. The G3 All Weather Combat Shirt is priced at US$202 whilst the Combat Pants is US$314.80. Both are available in multicam, ranger green, and khaki versions.

Airsoft Megastore Tees & Premium Patches

No videos this time, just an announcement of availability of T-Shirts and Premium Patches at the Airsoft Megastore online store... "We are extremely proud to announce that Airsoft Megastore now has exclusive tees for sale. Just like our patches, we designed these in house and the same quality and care was given to ensure that airsofters would enjoy these just as much as we do. We have a total of 12 different designs now available from size small to 3XL.

TMC CP Gen2 Trousers in A-TACS FG

We've been actually on the look out for some new A-TACS BDU items that are in the new Foliage Green version, which we think is better for use in more environments than the present A-TACS pattern. EB Airsoft give us a preview of the TMC CP Gen. 2 Style Trousers that come with a knee pads. The trousers should be available by April 2012. No pricing yet, but you may want to pre-order a pair.

Begadi Rooikat Winter Shoot Photos

Begadi have made available the photos of their winter shoot of the BE-X Rooikat series. The BE-X Series provide RAID-Style Battle Dress Uniforms, smocks, load carrying systems, plus pouches. At first glance they look like the Vietnam-type tiger stripe camouflage pattern, though this one takes its inspiration from South Africa with its Afrikaan term.

Arc'teryx Drac Jacket at Tactical Distributors

Video of the Arc'teryx Drac Jacket which you can find at the Tactical Distributors website... "A warmer version of the high performance BDU alternative Combat Jacket, the Drac Jacket combines technology with athletic patterning. The Drac's Burly™ double weave construction lends warmth, durability and smooth-sided snag-resistance.

Vertx Soft Shell MultiCam Smock Video

Here is a video of one Vertx's multicam gear products... "Our MultiCam Smock has everything an operational athlete will need on the go. Lets start at the top with the stand up collar and fleece lined button- down hood with 4 draw cord adjustments -- keep it ship shape by detaching the hood an rolling when not in use. Large chest pockets here with a concealed vertical zipper closure.