Geonox Airsoft Review: CYMA CM.131 AEP


A look at a popular AEP from CYMA, the CM.131 AEP by Geonox Airsoft... "The CM.131 that we are looking at today is the successor to the hugely popular CM.030. The CM.131 is a more modern, improved version of the CM.030. The CM.030 is very popular, if not the most popular AEP (Automatic Electric Pistol). Then came the licensing problem. Umarex has obtained the license from Glock to manufacture airsoft pistols in the Glock design. Since then the CM.030 is no longer available in the store.

Tanie Militaria: CYMA CM057S


A look at the CYMA CM057S by Tanie Militaria and it is CYMA's take on the SVD Dragunov... "A high-quality replica of a sniper rifle made by CM. Enriched aluminum and steel were used for the production of the replica. The outer barrel is made of aluminum, along with the front sight base and the surge reducer, the rear sight and the main body, the steel flap, magazine and most of the small elements (including the fire mode switch), as well as the butt stock.

Damascus Airsoft On The CYMA M870 Shotgun


Another review of the full metal CYMA M870 airsoft shotgun done by Damascus Airsoft this time... "This video we're taking a look at the CYMA M870 Full Metal Shotgun. This shotgun was lent to me by my good friend Caleb that was in the video so I could make this review. This shotgun is a great alternative for anybody that’s trying to change things up in you airsoft game for a low price tag. Hope you guys like it!"

Airsoft Talk: CYMA CM.030


In Geonox Airsoft's "Airsoft Talks" he discusses the CYMA Glock 18C AEP also known as the CM.030... "In this video I am talking about the Cyma CM.030 also known as the G18C. We have already looked at this pistol in a review and unboxing. This video is not a conventional review. In this video I share my personal thoughts and experiences about this pistol. I hope that, in addition to the normal reviews, will help you decide whether this pistol suits you or not."

Read more here.

Pheas Airsoft: CYMA CM.099 VSS Vintorez


CYMA has been releasing more afforable offerings of airsoft guns based on Russian weapons and are good performers. Is the CYMA CM.099, which is based on the VSS Vintorez, the same as well? Pheas Airsoft takes a look a this AEG in this video... "Here it is, the chosen to go first, unboxing of the CYMA CM.099 VSS Vintorez.

We even now have shooting footage of it and chrono footage, come and check it out and enjoy!"

Reapers Airsoft: CYMA/Begadi MOD5 SD6 With Begadi EFCS


A look at the Begadi MOD5 SD6 which is a CYMA MP5 AEG with the Begadi EFCS and made to meet German regulations by Reapers Airsoft... "Hello gentlemen, today's video is about the Begadi Sport (Cyma) MOD5 SD6 (MP5 SD6) as a 6mm S-AEG Airsoft / Softair. An EFCS / Mosfet is already installed in this model."

Reapers Airsoft: CYMA CM.131 Gen.3 AEP


If you want to watch a very compehensive review of an AEP, here is Reapers Airsoft's review of the CYMA CM.131 Gen. 3 AEP which he just left no stone unturned, unless you notice some oversight. As always, it is over an hour long... "Hello guys, today we are looking at the new CM 131 from Cyma, which is not only suitable for beginners."

Geonox Airsoft: CYMA CM.122 AEP


Another CYMA AEP reviewed by Geonox Airsoft and it comes with the standard version as well as the Gen 2 with MOSFET and Lipo-ready features, the CYMA CM.122 is based in the SIG P226 pistol... "In this video I present the CM.122 from Cyma and show you what I like and what I don't like about the Airsoft. We have already looked at the CM.030, the CM.127 and the CM.126. Here we have an AEP in the SIG Sauer P226 design. Which of these models you take is a matter of taste.

CYMA Sport SR16E3 AEG Straight Outta the Box


DesertFox Airsoft felt "betrayed" by CYMA with the CYMA Sport SR16E3 AEG in this Straight Outta the Box episode. This is an AR-style AEG, based on the SR16E3 rifle with aluminium alloy upper and lower receiver, aluminum free float railed handguard with integrated flip up front sight, ambidextrous magazine and bolt release, and adjustable crane style stock. Its Version 2 Gearbox has 8mm bearings.

CYMA M14 AEG Review & Shooting Test


If you are on a budget but want a Tokyo Marui M14 AEG, players recommend the CYMA M14 AEG as it is said to be at almost at par performance than the Marui version and it is a Marui clone. BB-Ballistics goes over this AEG which was released over a decade ago if it still gives the most bang for buck amongst M14 AEGs... "This week we Unbox, Review and shoot the CYMA M14 Airsoft AEG."

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