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Maxtact Derringer Double Barrel Pistol

Want a compact vintage-style airsoft as pistol? At Bunny Workshop they have in stock the Maxtact Derringer Double Barrel Gas Pistol. A replica of the Derringer Pocket Pistol, it can fire two rounds in a single shot. It has a fixed hop-up and a muzzle velocity of 230fps usig Top Gas and 0.20g BBs.

Mach Sakai: Crown Model Derringer

Mach Sakai goes for the small Crown Model Derringer airsoft pistol. Whilst it looks like a toy, this is restricted and only people aged 10 and above can purchase this pistol. It has a range of 25 metres and a legnth of 128mm. Under the barrel, you can remove an inner barrel that is actually the magazine that you can load up to 6 BBs which for him, should be the .12g type.

Elite Airsoft: ASG Derringer Pistol

Elite Airsoft shows us this single firing Derringer Airsoft Pistol from ASG... "Extremely compact 2 round pistol the Derringer is a single firing backup weapon. It is small and light weight and the two BB’s are loaded by tipping the front up. The gas is stored in the grip and filled at the valve in the bottom of the pistol grip. The Derringer 6mm airsoft replica is made in an excellent chrome finish and will make a perfect partner for you at any poker table."

Booligan's Marushin 6mm Derringer Review

Booligan goes over the Marushin Derringer, and just look at how small it is that you might forget where you placed it if you put it inside your webbing or vest... "Looking for a tiny little backup gun? Something for a VIP scenario? Well, the Marushin 6mm Derringer is a very unique little option for special game scenarios, or as a backup of a backup."