Salty Old Gamer: Echo1 M14 SOCOM 16


The Salty Old Gamer found an Echo1 Airsoft M14 SOCOM 16, which is probably based on the Tokyo Marui version, for this video review. But it is as good as the original which players love for its range.. "You could be reaching out and touching people from afar with this Echo1 M14 SOCOM 16. Looking for a good airsoft dmr platform that's compatible with major name brand aftermarket upgrades? This could be it. Watch this airsoft review to find out."

Mach Sakai: Echo1 Nemesis Arms Vanquish


If you are looking for a fully licensed airsoft version of the Nemesis Arms Vanquish, you will have to look for the Echo1 USA version. It has a removable barrel, quick swap bolt function, TDC hop-up chamber and it is spring and CO2 powered. It can be easily taken down that it can fit briefcase for covert operations. Mach Sakai checks it out for externals, operation, and accuracy in a quick steel challenge.

Airsoft Atlanta: Echo1 / Jag Precision


Airsoft Atlanta are back with their reports from the SHOT Show 2018. They got some videos online starting with the Echo1 USA Airsoft/Jag Precision booth to check out the new products they've got for 2018... "New products and product highlights at Echo 1 USA from Shot Show 2018.  Check out the new stuff."

Carol Grillo: Echo1 GAT AEG Review


Carol Grillo checks out this Tec-9 AEG, more known as the Echo1 USA GAT AEG for this video review... "This Tec-9 AEG is a great airsoft gun. It is very small and compact for CQB fields. It is great to use, easy and is a high quality Echo1 brand. The battery enters the front. I recommend this weapon if you want a small and reliable AEG."

Echo1 GAT Gold Back At JAG Precision


It's back in stock again! According to JAG Precision, the second batch of the Echo1 GAT AEG in Gold has arrived and resellers can order from them... "The GAT is the latest SMG from Echo1. The GAT has been talked about for years while in the making and now it is here and is worth the wait. The GAT uses a full size gearbox that is upgradable and will be better performing than any other AEP’s or even the GBB SMGs out on the market.

NLAirsoft: RWA KG-9 vs Echo1 GAT TEC-9


NLAirsoft does a comparative review of the RWA KG-9 and the Echo1 GAT TEC0-9. Both are available in the market and for those who are fim and tv buffs, they take inspiration from the gun that some baddies like as their weapon... "It’s not really a fair comparison (sort of comparison), but what the heck!!… Lets do this!

Airsoft GI: Best Newbie Bolt Action


Airsoft GI explains why the Echo1 PSR Bolt Action Sniper Rifle is the recommended BASR for the airsoft newbie in this ASGI Uncut video... "The Echo 1 Precision Sniper Rifle (PSR) represents a new level of performance without breaking the wallet. The PSR clocks in between 460 to 470 feet per second out of the box. It is very lightweight, not too long, highly upgradeable, and perfect for a scout or sniper role.

PTS/Echo 1 Custom "BattleWolf" Overview


Booligan Airsoft does an overview video for an upcoming Airsoft Insider Magazine review of this custom made PTS/Echo1 "BattleWolf" Gas Blowback Pistol... "This custom pistol was built using parts from Echo 1, PTS, and Evike! Nothing too fancy, just a nice practical pistol for target shooting or skirmish use!"

TBS: SilentShot Echo1 RDP Stock Adapter


Wanting to put a stock to your Echo1 RDP? Here is the SilenShot RDP Stock Adaptor that Team Blacksheep are recommending. Also a video below shows ASTKilo23 showing you more about this adaptor... "The SilentShot RDP Stock Adapter allows the Echo 1 RDP to accept standard M4 Aeg buffer tubes without the need for permanent modification to the replica itself.

See Echo1 At AirsoftCon With


Echo1 USA will be present at's Airsoft Con 2016 on the 22nd of October 2016... "It’s that time of year again for the AirsoftCon event for the largest Airsoft event on the West Coast. Evike is located at: 2801 W. Mission Rd. Alhambra, CA 91803.

The event will be a 2 day event starting on Friday Oct. 21st at 10am for a day filled with on site Video Game trucks and many more fun activities on location.

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