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Bespoke Airsoft: Ares M45X-S Overview

We get a closer look at the new Ares M45-X-S AEG as Bespoke Airsoft give us an overview of this AEG. This Ares Airsoft's answer to the growing SBR/PDW/AR Pistol segment airsoft and this comes with the EFCS gearbox... "In this video we go over the new Ares M45X-S series!

This is one seriously cool product which will only get better over time when more accessories are released."

RedWolf: ARES SR16 AEG With EFCS

RedWolf Airsoft anounce the availability of the Ares Airsoft SR16 AEG that is equipped wit the EFCS at their online store... "The ARES SR16 AEG is an AR patterned airsoft rifle replicating the model 'SR16'. The gun sports many of the staple ARES features such as a full metal upper and lower receiver, lightweight rail system that is M-LOK compatible, and their E.F.C.S. fire control system.

M.Custom CNC D16T Gearbox Halves

Red Army Airsoft reports about Russian airsoft parts maker M.Custom make CNC D16T Aluminium  Gearbox halves for the ARES Amoeba with EFCS plate. These halves allow you to easly tune the gearbox for 200 m\s 0.2 bbs. Price and details - on Strikkon 2018, which is the Russian airsoft convention that will take place later this year.

Read more here.

Amoeba ECU External Programmer In Stock

For owners of Ares Airsoft and its Amoeba Airsoft brand AEGs that are equipped with the EFCS can now order from Airsoft Atlanta the Amoeba ECU External Programmer... "The Amoeba ECU External Programmeris specifically made to program your AEG gun's mosfet unit for Amoeba. A really cool device to use on your team's guns. Use once to program and your gun saves the shooting profile.

ARES AS36 EFCS Version Disassembly

The Ares Airsoft AS36 (G36) AEG gets an update with the Electronic Firing Control Systems (EFCS) which is installed in the Amoeba Series. It maintains the electric blowback function of the previous AS36 AEG and all the benefits of of the EFCS such as safety, reduced stress on the spring, and having a sensitive trigger. A video of the disassembly of the AEG shown below:

Howto: ARES EFCS Electronic Programmer

With the EFCS gearbox from Ares/Amoeba airsoft freely available to buy separately to use in your own version 2 AEG projects, you will need the Ares Amoeba EFCS Electronic Programmer in order to configure the EFCS to change the firing mode system and also for Lipoly Battery protection. Here's a video how to use it, making it easy to configure the gearbox rather than relying on trigger pull.

Ares-Amoeba Upgraded EFCS Gearbox

Now you can purchase the Ares/Amoeba Airsoft Upgraded EFCS Gearbox to install in your version 2 AEG body to give you the option of getting to use their programmable gearbox for your airsoft gun projects... "Dear friends: Our upgraded EFCS Gearbox for Ares / Amoeba series airsoft AEG rifles can be sold separately, product details are as following:

ZShot: How To Program Your ARES M110

A short and sweet demo from John of ZShot on programming any EFCS equipped Ares Airsoft AEG, in this case the Ares M110... "Simple video showing you how easy it is to program your ARES AEG! No complicated steps to remember, no flow-chat to follow, just simple no-nonsense easy-as-pie way to program your trigger. Check it out!"

Ares Electronic Firing Control System

German Sport Guns TV presents a two-part video of the Ares ARES Electronic Firing Control System (EFCS) which is basically a two-part system, the first one is an Ares AEG that has the EFCS installed in the gearbox and the second one is the Gearbox Programmer which is an external device that allows anyone to set the firing modes of the EFCS AEG just using knobs in the programmer. This video is in German so just turn on the captions.

Ares Gen 3 M4 AEG with EFCS Overview

Booligan gives us an overview of this Ares M4 EFCS AEG which will be featured in Airsoft Insider Magazine... "This video shows some of the features of this high tech AEG platform. With a standard M4 type layout, but the ability to change the firing modes using the optional programmer, this thing is very easy to use and set up for your specific shooting style. Check out the video, and for more info, be sure to pick up Issue #2 of Airsoft Insider Magazine!"