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PTS EPM For Marui Recoil Shock NEGs

PTS Syndicate finally unveil their EPM version for the Tokyo Marui New Generation M4 and SCAR-L AEGs that have the blowback and recoil feature. This can probably fit the Marui HK416 NEGs as well... "The PTS Enhanced Polymer Magazine, or EPM for short, is a new type of Polymer Magazine for airsoft rifles.  The EPM is a truly unique magazine, inside and out.


PTS Syndicate have released the PTS Mega Arms MML MATEN (AR-10 GBBR) and PTS EPM (LR GBB) today and they welcome interested dealers and resellers to enquire about these. More information about this fully licensed gas blowback rifle from Mega Arms and the PTS EPM Gas Magazine can be found below:

PTS Mega Arms MML MATEN (AR-10 GBBR) (Item Code: MG013680307)

Replacing The PTS EPM Magazine Feedlip

PTS Syndicate have put up a video showing you how to replace the feedlip of the PTS EPM Gas Magazine. The EPM, made for M4 Gas Blowback Rifles, has a polymer shell with recessed panels for even better grip and snag reduction when being drawn from magazine pouches. Find out what you need and the steps to do in order to do the replacement of the feedlip yourself.

PTS EPM M4 Mag For Systema PTW

Systema PTW owners can now use a lighter M4 magazine as PTS Syndicate announces the EPM version for the PTW... "The PTS Enhanced Polymer Magazine (Systema PTW), or EPM for short, is a new type of Polymer Magazine for airsoft rifles.  Built specifically for the Systema M4 PTW series AEG, the EPM is a truly unique magazine, inside and out.

Limited Edition PTS PDR-D & Orange EPM

Well, somebody already have made the first comment on Facebook, nevertheless here is the April 1st release by PTS Syndicate of the Limited Edition PDR-D that comes in three variants... "Finally PTS PDR-D is coming out today! PDR-D will be available in three different systems: AEG, GBB, ERG. Color will not only be available in Black, it will also be available in a limited edition color - Future.

PTS EPM Maintenance Howto Video

PTS Syndicate released this maintenance tip video early this month and this covers the PTS Enhanced Polymer Magazine (EPM). Follow the steps carefully to ensure that you get good feeding functions after doing the maintenance. But if you find the internals unable to feed due to wear and tear, you can easily replace this with the EPM Replacement Internals.

PTS Masada GBB & EPM Gas Magazine

In the past days, we have been posting news about the PTS Syndicate Masada Gas Blowback. Today, we post the official news release from company detailing about the Gas Blowback Rifle which will be released next month together with the new EPM Gas Magazine... The PTS EPM Magazine

Matt talks about the PTS 15-round EPM Magazine available right now on "The PTS Enhanced Polymer Magazine (EPM) is a new take on the mid-capacity polymer mags for airsoft AEG's. Constructed from Dupont Zytel Polymer, this magazine is remarkably rugged and features a solid weight.

Booligan's PTS EPM Magazine Megatest

Booligan Airsoft does a megatest with the PTS Enhanced Polymer Magazine (EPM) to see if it can fit the rifles that accept M4-style mags in his collection... "Sometimes, you just need to pull out all of your guns and test out a magazine. Today is one of those times! PTS popped over one of their new EPM mags, so I figured the rational thing to do was to get out every gun in my collection that will fit it and put some rounds through it!"'

REMF Tacticool PTS EPM Destruction Test

REMF Tacticool's latest video is about the PTS Enhanced Polymer Magazine (EPM) from PTS Syndicate. This is a mid-cap magazine which was released after Magpul pulled out of the airsoft market. He does some torture test to the magazine, subjecting to drop and shooting tests. Find out if the magazine survives such tests by watching the video below: