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Extreme Airsoft

Amoeba AS-01 Stryker Gen 2 Overview

Extreme Airsoft give us an overview on the second generation version of the Amoeba Striker S1 Sniper Rifle. Mainly made of polymer, this is a bolt-action airsoft sniper rifle with has a metal receiver, 20mm top rail, bolt and barrel assembly, and fluted ouer barrel. It comes with a 55-round magazine.

DesertFox Airsoft: Flooded Airsoft Arena!

DesertFox Airsoft goes to play with the VFC Avalon Gladius PDW DX at Extreme Airsoft Rhode Island which was rehabilitated after it got flooded in a severe storm... "Extreme Airsoft Rhode Island was hit by a massive storm causing the field and pro shop to be flooded. Months later Extreme Airsoft RI has remodeled their pro shop and field.  In this airsoft gameplay video I am using the VFC Avalon Gladius PDW DX with an ACETECH 2000 tracer unit and Elite Force glow in the dark BBs."

Extreme Airsoft: Elite Force MP5 Series

It's time to hear about the Elite Force MP5 series in this video done by Extreme Airsoft... "Hello everyone, today we are going to be throwing back to the Elite Force MP5 Series. These submachine guns pack a punch and are great for any CQB environment. Tell us what you think below and we hope you enjoy the video!!!"


Interactive Airsoft Field & Gameplay Video

Another Extreme Airsoft Rhode Island footage from Unicorn Leah showing the new features that make the site attractive to airsoft players... "Behind the scenes to check out the ground-breaking updates made at Extreme Airsoft's CQB field in South Kingstown, RI. They've got specialized sound tracks and LED lighting for each individual building, adding to the realism of the field. Plus, special new lighting effects!

DesertFox Airsoft: Airsoft CQB Tactics

Another video from DesertFox Airsoft's visit to Extreme Airsoft in Rhode Island to take part in the celebration of the facility's 8th anniversary... "Airsoft CQB tactics with unedited gameplay from Extreme Airsoft in South Kingstown, Rhode Island during their Crazy 8 year anniversary airsoft event."

Extreme Airsoft Rhode Island Crazy 8 Event

Gameplay video from DesertFox Airsoft during their latest visit at Extreme Airsoft in Rhode Island... "Family fun airsoft gameplay at Extreme Airsoft in South Kingstown, Rhode Island.  Extreme Airsoft RI has done major changes to their indoor airsoft field since the last time Unicorn Leah and I visited them 1 year ago."

Unicorn Leah Vlogs Rhode Island Trip

Vlog from Unicorn Leah as they go on a road trip to Rhode Island when they visited Extreme Airsoft... "Another road trip vlog with Elite Force and Jet DesertFox! We are in Rhode Island for Extreme Airsoft's Crazy 8 birthday party. We try a Rhode Island classic - hot weiners! Plus some behind the scenes at Extreme Airsoft while they prepare for their birthday bash, and check out the first person airsoft gameplay footage that was livestreamed last week.

Unicorn Leah At Extreme Airsoft

Unicorn Leah had her Live CQB gameplay video as well when they visited Extreme Airsoft in Rhode Island. This is already the recording of the game rather than a livecast... "Live, unedited airsoft gameplay at Extreme Airsoft in Wakefield, Rhode Island. Jet DesertFox holds the camera while Unicorn Leah, P90 Girl, and Spartan117GW play together in a CQB airsoft game."

DesertFox At Extreme Airsoft Rhode Island

This is a replay, if you call it that way, of the live CQB gameplay by DesertFox Airsoft at Extreme Airsoft in Rhode Island... "Live airsoft gameplay from Extreme Airsoft in South Kingstown, Rhode Island. In this airsoft game play I am using the VFC Avalon Saber with replica Trijicon SRS and TLR-1 streamlight flashlight.

Extreme Airsoft: UMP .45 GBB Review

Latest review by Extreme Airsoft covers the Umarex UMP .45 Gas Blowback Rifle OEM by VFC... "Chuckles takes a look today at a gun that's been flying under the radar a bit, but definitely deserves the spotlight more than other guns out there. Do you prefer the EBB, or the GBB?"