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Wolverine Hydra G&G F2000 Installation

Wolverine Airsoft's Hydra can be installed in different kinds of AEGs as long as there is the install kit available. For this video they show how it is installed in the G&G F2000 AEG, a futuristic-looking bullpup AEG based on the FN F2000 assault rifle.

BAD F2000 Hydra Gearbox Replacement Kit

BAD, or Bingo Airsoft Designs, which is now the new name of Bingo Airsoftworks, shows how to install their F2000 Wolverine Hydra Engine Gearbox Replacement Kit... "This is the Bingo Airsoft Designs F2000 Hydra Engine Gearbox Replacement Kit. The HPA kit allows you to easily upgrade your G&G F2000 to use the Wolverine Hydra (w/F2000 nozzle). The kit includes everything needed to convert your F2000. You only need to hook it up to your air rig and tank and you are ready to go.

G&G F2000 Review & Shooting Test

For our weekly hit of a video review from Epic Airsoft HD, it's the G&G F2000 Bullpup airsoft gun that gets the spotlight and intense scrutiny for our benefit... "Jai gets his hands on the G&G F2000 licensed by Cybergun. This bullpup crafted by FN has limited use in Militaries... but how does it perform as an Airsoft gun?"

G&G F2000 At Landwarrior Airsoft

Those who are looking into buying this AEG in the UK can now head off to Landwarrior Airsoft as they have this in stock. It is priced at £349.99... "The G&G F2000 or G2010 is finally here under official licence from FN Herstal. Featuring a one piece metal outer barrel, nylon and fibre one piece body and stock and full length metal top rail.

Airsoft Medicine On The G&G F2000 (Video)

The latest video presentation from Airsoft Medicine... "Rangemaster Larry of Airsoft Medicine demonstrates how you can safely and easily adjust the muzzle velocity (feet per second) on the G&G Armament F2000 airsoft gun distributed by Cybergun. It can be adjust to fire anywhere from 300 fps up to near 380 fps with the turn of a screw which adjusts the tension of the spring guide. This is a very versatile and ergonomic AEG rifle.