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FG-Airsoft Speed Buffer GHK AUG Review

Vasriotaep, the French GBBR Airsoft Player, tries the FG-Airsoft Speed Buffer for the GHK Steyr AUG GBB... "Honestly, the GHK Steyr AUG is an amazing GBBR, for me, one of the best for sure. Even if it's not a default, his rate of fire is not the most high on the market. I think that, who use the gun, notice it too. So he has created the speed buffer for this AUG!

I was able to get my hands on it, it was normal that I propose it to you in review!"

FG-Airsoft SBA SRS Pull+Push Bolt

FG-Airsoft show their pull+push system designed for the Silverback Airsoft SRS Sniper Rifle... "With the FG-AIRSOFT Pull+Push system, one half of the energy is accumulated by pulling the bolt, the other half by pushing it. It's twice less hard! That's really easier to keep the target in the scope when reloading. Compatible Pull or Push version"

A2 Rail For GHK Steyr AUG GBBR

Vasriotaep, the French GBBR Airsoft Player reviews the A2 Rail for the GHK Steyr AUG GBBR made FG-Airsoft... "Well, GHK did us a bad joke with the Steyr AUG GBBR ... he made one of the best GBBR I could try, he announced a lot of stuff, rails, guns, but he forgot an accessory: the A2 rail version has never been released by the manufacturer!

FG-Airsoft must surely be as frustrated as us, and he developed himself this rail to offer it to us!

High Speed Buffer For GHK AUG GBB

French upgrade parts maker , FG-Airsoft, show us a preview of their upcoming High Speed Buffer for the GHK AUG. According to them, the item can help increase the rate of fire of the gas blowback rifle to about 20%. There is no information when they will be releasing this and if it will be carried by other airsoft retailers.

CNC Aluminium Hop Up Wheel For GHK M4

FG-Airsoft developed a CNC Aluminium Hop-Up Wheel for the GHK M4 GBBR... "Enhanced CNC aluminum hopup wheel for GHK M4 is more durable than the original plastic wheel. It gives a more smooth adjustment of the hopup effect (enhanced shape) and the position and adjustment direction is indicated all around the wheel."

FG-Airsoft GHK Gas Mag HPA Adapters

FG-Airsoft got adaptors for your GHK M4 Gas Magazines so they can accept HPA power... "Air adaptors for GHK gas magazines (M4, G5, GMAG, AKM, AK74, AUG) : turn your magazines to hybrid that can runs gas or air (HPA) without modifications. Only requires 3 minutes installation."

Silverback SRS Upgrade Parts From FG-Airsoft

For owners of the Silverback Airsoft DesertTech SRS Sniper Rifle, they can now find new upgrade parts from FG-Airsoft. They actually released three items: the Pull+Push System, Damper Rings, and Compression rings. Find out more about them below:

"Pull+Push System for Silverback SRS

Stainless Steel Hopup Wheel for GHK G5

A new release from FG-Airsoft that will surely interest the owners of the GHK G5 Gas Blowback Rifle... "Enhanced CNC stainless steel hopup wheel for GHK G5. It is more durable than the originall plastic wheel and with a smoother adjustment of the hopup effect (enhanced shape)."

FG-Airsoft CNC Nozzle Head With AFS

New release from FG-Airsoft which is called the Stainless Steel CNC Nozzle head with AFS (Adjustable Flow System). This is made to work with the WE Open Bolt M4, M16, HK416, L85 and more. According to François, this was designed as the the original factory nozzle head is prone to damage due to design and material used. Short Q&A below:

New AFS Nozzles for GHK & WA M4s

More on the AFS Nozzles for Gas Blowbacks by FG-Airsoft as versions for the GHK and Western Arms M4 Gas Blowbacks (and compatible GBBs) are released... "These nozzles allow you to adjust the FPS of your BBgun easily, precisely and give a very stable velocity from 280 to 390 FPS without adding cooldown (these values were mesured using 0,2g BB's,  propan gas at 20°C, these values are given for information only and can vary from a BBgun to another).