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Front Sight

Fibre Optic Trinity Hi-Capa Front Sight

New Fibre Optic Trinity Front Sight from CowCow Technology is now available for Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa Gas Blowback Pistol owners... "CowCow Technology developed a new front sight for TM Hi-Capa. Called the Fibre Optic Trinity Hi-Capa Front Sight, it is fully CNC machined aircraft graded aluminum material. A 2mm real fiber optic was selected and 2 colours options (Green and Red).

TangoDown Light Portal Front Sight FFA-02

This TangoDown Light Portal Front Sight allows one to mount a weaponlight just below it without both being an obstruction to each other... "The FFA-02 allows a weapon light to mount on a carbine where it should… forward on the 12:00 rail. The road block in the past was where to mount a light without blocking the front sight, or placing the light in a less-than-optimum position on the weapon. Problem solved- we combined the two into one tough package.

BAD AR-15 Fixed Clamp-On Front Sight

Designed by Battle Arms Development (BAD) for them, Brownells Inc. announce the availability of the BAD AR-15 Fixed Clamp-On Front Sight... "The Battle Arms AR-15 Fixed Clamp-On Front Sight was designed exclusively for Brownells to allow for the longest sight radius possible.

New AK Front Sight from King Arms

For those who are looking for replacement parts for their Airsof AKs, King Arms released a new AK Front Sight. This is made of aluminium and this is specific to Tokyo Marui AK-47 and AK-74 series. Please check first if your airsoft AK is Tokyo Marui compatible before purchasing this from your airsoft retailer. This weighs 65g and a size at L29mm x W18mm x H67mm.

SL1 Integrated Front Sight & Weapon Light

How about that? An integrated front sight and weapon light developed by Roschworks. Called the SL1, this is interesting as it is a 2-in-1 product and frees up space in the front end of your AR when you need extra space to mount a laser, PEQ, or whatever weapon accessory you want to mount... "The original integrated front sight and weapon light for the AR15 picatinny rail.

Color - Black or FDE Cerakote (over Type III hardcoat anodizing)