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New G&G Armament G2H 100r Magazine

A new mid-capacity magazine from G&G Armament, the G2H 100 round  midcap... "Load up with the new G2H 100 round magazine for your next milsim game. These magazines are only compatible with the G&G TR16 308 MBR WH and TR16 308 MB SR rifles. Contact your local authorized G&G dealer for pricing and availability."

G&G International Hot Spot Photo Contest

G&G got another contest and if you havea G&G banner just take it anywhere with you and snap photos with it. Who knows? You might win one of their LMGs... "Our newest photo contest has started! Pick up your camera and grab your teammates! Travel around the world with a G&G banner and stand in front of famous landmarks for a chance to win G&G products.

For the full contest rules, click here."

Toronto Airsoft: G&G CM16 LMG

The first LMG offering G&G Armament gets reviewed by Toronto Airsoft to find out if it's a proper LMG. The G&G CM16 LMG AEG comes with a 2,500 round box magazine. It is Lipo Ready and comes with the ETU and a full metal gearbox with metal bushing. This is also light enough to carry as its externals is mainly made of Polymer.

New G&G Armament PCC9 AEG

G&G Armament releases a limited edition PCC9 AEG and should be available at resellers very soon so check with them if you want another AR-style SBR that uses a 9mm-style magazine... "The newest kid on the block, the PCC 9 features the same high-performance internals as the ARP 9 with slight external modifications. It comes with a lightweight M-LOK metal rail and a crane stock for easier battery compatibility. Don't hold off on getting one because we will only make 3,000 units worldwide.

DesertFox Airsoft: G&G L85A2 ETU

Find out what DesertFox Airsoft thinks of the new G&G L85A2 ETU AEG, especially with its new features in this episode of "Straight Outta the Box"... "Jet DesertFox reviews the G&G L85A2 ETU and is very confused by several features of the airsoft version."

New G&G GEC36 High Cap Magazine

G&G releases a 300-round high capacity magazine for the G&G GEC46 AEG, joining the mid-cap 110-round AEG magazine. There is also a 5-piece set of the 110R for those who prefer using midcaps... "Our new 300r Hi-Cap Magazine for the GEC36 gives you more room to stay in the fight and offers less reload time. Now Available."

G&G ARP9 Super Ranger Edition

Go! Go! Super Rangers! Well, that's what we think the new G&G ARP 9 Super Rangers take their inspiration from. So take you colour pick... "Our most popular CQB gun is back with new color accents. The ARP 9 Super Rangers comes in 5 different colors (Fire, Amber, Ice, Jade, and Sky). Equipped with a pre-installed mosfet and an electronic trigger unit (E.T.U.) for 3 round burst capability. Now available. Contact your local authorized G&G dealer for pricing and availability."

Taktik Airsoft: G&G CM16 Quick Review

Taktik Airsoft got the G&G CM16 AEG available at their store. This is a support AEG and has a polymer body making it lighter than the usual support AEGs in the market. It comes with a 2,500 box magazine and an initial muzzle velocity of 380fps... "A quick overview of the new G&G CM16 LMG. A lightweight assault LMG with a great boxmag and accessories."

Rad Chat On The New G&G Drum Mag

Tactical Airsoft Supply'sRad Chat gives us a quick tour of the new G&G 2,300 round drun magazine for AEGs... "Rad chat discusses the new G&G 2300 round Airsoft drum mag that runs off of a 7.4 LiPo battery and can stay inside of the drum magazine and you can use the adapter to charge it from from the outside of its self. This drum mag also works in Kyrtac rifles among other including all G&G rifles. Come in to TAS to check it out."

Airsoft Station: G&G TR16 MBR 308WH

Airsoft Station gives 5 stars to the G&G TR16 MBR 308WH AEG in this overview video... "G&G prides itself on producing high performance airsoft guns with long range accuracy, and creating extremely accurate replicas of models held in high regards by military and law enforcement agencies.