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Reapers Airsoft: G&G RK74 Tactical AEG

We're seeing more video reviews of the RK74 AEG from G&G Armament with the latest being Reapers Airsoft. This is a comprehensive review and if you get a drink and some popcorn then you're prepared to watch this 48 minute video... "HiHo, after 6 weeks is finally the review of the RK74 (AK74) of G&G (Guay2) finished. The model was provided to us by ASMC in the 0.5 Joule Tactical Version for the test video."

Hyperdouraku: G&G G226 Springer Pistol

Well, G&G Armament do produce airsoft springer pistols too. In this review by Hyperdouraku, Yas goes over the G&G G226 Springer which has a muzzle velocity of 250fps and usually it has a a range of around 70 feet. This is is made of polymer with metal internals. Magazine has a capacity of 14 BBs.

Read the full review here and below is the video overview:

Red Army Airsoft: G&G Armament RK-74

Alexander takes one of the G&G Armament RK-74 AEGs for this Red Army Airsoft video review. The G&G RK-74 comes fitted with MOSFET and the ETU system, which is now becoming a standard for G&G AEGs. The AEG is programmable so you can configue it to fire a 3-round burst and comes with an allow receiver and handguard. Let's find out how a Russian finds G&G's take in their iconic rifle.

G&G RK74-E AEG Gameplay & Review

Infamous Airsoft does a review of the G&G RK74-E AEG in a gameplay video... "For fans of Russian weapons, especially the most modern, today I finally have the opportunity to try an AK74 from G & G, the RK74-E. This model responds to aesthetic canons more attached to the western rifles, and this opportunity was adapted wonderfully to my style of play, in an open game at Fuerte Bulnes, in Santiago de Chile."

Reapers Airsoft: G&G GPM92 GBB Pistol

Reapers Airsoft reviews one of the gas blowback pistols from G&G Armament, the GPM92 GBB Pistol. G&G releases airsoft pistols from time to time and the GPM92 is a more an innovative take of the company on the GBB pistol tech with the Rotating Cylinder Vavle that is said to allow you to use it in almost weather condition.

The Latest News From Red Army Airsoft

Latest airsoft news from Red Army Airsoft. For Russian-language players, he talks about the FL Airsoft gas valve and certification from the European Union allowing for export to the EU. Also in the news are about a youth team for IPSC Action Air, the M40A5 from Cyma, Nozzle and Proteus 3, and PEQ and battery case from CYMA. Other news are about the thin grip for the LCT Airsoft AK AEG, the new G&G Death Machine Mark 2, and the airsoft helmet on Aliexpress.

G&G Death Machine Mark II Unleashed

G&G releases Mark II of the AEG with the name we love, the Death Machine... "Introducing our new light-weight CQB contender. The new Death Machine Mark II is equipped with a sound amplifier inside a 5-inch metal rail that makes a sound your opponents will fear. A polymer receiver keeps the overall weight to a minimal, great for adding heavy attachments or optics. Rounding the rear is a crane stock that fits a standard 9.6v battery.

ASTKilo23: G&G L85 A2 ETU EBB

The new G&G L85A2 ETU with electric blowback is available in the U.S. and ASTKilo23 got himself one for a test drive... "G&G L85 A2 ETU EBB Review and Shooting Test!! | Best Airsoft L85?!: Hope you guys enjoyed the review! Big thanks to G&G for providing me with this beast! If you're interested in reading up on it and possibly purchasing it, check out the links below! I'll see you guys in my next video!"

G&G CQB World Cup Qualifiers Canada

Canadian airoft players wanting to grab slots for the G&G CQB World Cup to be held in Taiwan next year can try their luck on the 3rd of November. Aventure Airsoft Lanaudiere (AAL) in Quebec will be hosting the qualifier so better register and prepare for this event... "On November 3rd, there will be a unique event in Canada, the G&G event. This event will be held at our store at 535-i rue Leclerc Repentigny.

Kriss Vector Vs Scorpion Evo vs ARP

DeltaSays does a comparison of compact or short barreled AEGs in the market today... "Hi everyone, today we are looking at the compact guns of the Airsoft World: Kriss Vector, Scorpion Evo and ARP! I wonder if you would choose which one? I'm waiting for your comments in the Comments section! Airsoft's initial guide is available on our website.

If you want to join us, let us take you here We played Airsoft with Turkish Commandos."