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G&G TR16 MBR .308 SR AEG Review

Antre du Dingo Dingchavez scrutinizes a new release from G&G Armament in the form of the G&G TR16 MBR .308 SR AEG for this video review. This AEG which uses the new G2 gearbox is now available at airsoft retailers worldwide. "It's been a while since I'd tested a G&G replica! Today thanks to OPS Store I can show the brand new MBR308SR to you! Let's go!"

Hyperdouraku: G&G Lovers' Meeting

Hyperdouraku reports about the First G&G Lovers Owners' Meeting that took place last 14 April 2018. The venue was the Union Base and MET Union in China Prefecture where a total of 401 airsoft players took part. There were airsoft games and of course, the expected giveaway portion. G&G Armament CEO James Liao, together with his daughter, Joanna, graced the event and meet owners of G&G products in Japan.

Mach Sakai: G&G CM16 LMG AEG

Mach Sakai takes a look at the latest LMG in the airsoft market, the G&G Armament CM16 LMG. On display during the G&G Lovers Owners Meeting, this is has 10.5" M-LOK LMG Rail with a receiver made of high density polymer. It comes with a 2,500 round BB Box Magazine, retractable stock, removal sights, and full metal gearbox.

Mach Sakai: G&G GTP 9 GBB Pistol

Mach Sakai got his hands of the G&G Armament GTP 9 Gas Blowback Pistol. This The GBB has a whirl cylinder valve made of ceramic with the aim of minimising frost buildup inside the gun and a green gas filtration system to make sure that the green gas is clean inside the magazine. He checks it for externals, operation, and performance in steel challenge.

DesertFox Airsoft: G&G Armament ARP9 AEG

DesertFox Airsoft does another unboxing video to reveal a hot seller from G&G Armament, the ARP9 AEG. This is AR-style compact AEG that uses a 9mm style magazine.. "Today on Straight Outta the Box we are taking a look at the G&G Armament ARP9 AEG.  This is G&G's take on the current (2018) trend of SMG style ARs.

*In the video I meant to say ambidextrous selector switch but instead said trigger."

TheDeeMoe At The G&G G2 Launch Party

TheDeeMoe was the at the G&G G2 Launch Party and posts his vlog of the event. This party is the debut of their G2 Gearbox and this took place at the Tac City Airsoft last 20 April 2018... "Inside look at the new G2 series rifles from G&G Armament, featuring some familiar faces in the Airsoft industry. Enjoy!"

Mach Sakai: G&G F2000 FN AEG

Mach Sakai was at the G&G Lovers Owners Meetup in Japan and he gives an overview of the G&G F2000 AEG. A futuristic looking AEG, it is a fully licensed FN Herstal airsoft gun and has a lightweight Nylon Fibre composite body. It is a bullpup design and has an 8mm reinforced gearbox and a metal flat top rail.

Mach Sakai: G&G M14 EBR Review

Mach Sakai got one the admired M14 EBR AEGs in the market, the G&G Armament M14 EBR. This AEG is available in short and long versions with different colours to choose from. This AEG has licensed SAGE markings, an initial muzzle velocity of 330fps (this one though meets Japanese limits which is 0.98 joules) and comes with a 40 round magazine. Mach Sakai, as always, checks it for accuracy and performance.

New G&G Armament M-LOK Vertical Grip

G&G Armament got their new M-LOK Vertical Grip now available and shipping to authorised resellers worldwide... "Accessorize your M-LOK Rail! Available in 3 different colors to compliment your Raider 2.0 or ARP Series. The newly affordable vertical M-LOK grip is a must add-on accessory to your rifle."

New G&G Battle Owl Tracer Unit

G&G Armament got a new tracer unit they call the Battle Owl... "Own the Night! Introducing our lightest tracer unit to date! The Battle Owl tracer unit was designed to specifically fit on our current new pistol series with 12mm CCW threads. The Battle Owl tracer unit is easily rechargeable through a USB cable making it easy to charge anywhere!"