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Gas Magazine

AW Custom Gas Drum Magazine Demo

A quick demo by Evike.com of the AW Custom Drum Magazine for gas blowback airsoft guns. Compatible with AW Custom and WE Airsoft gas blowbacks, it is manual winding and have a capacity of 350 rounds. There are five versions of this to fit certain airsoft gun series so check compatibility with your airsoft gun before getting one.

GHK Airsoft AK GMAG Prototype

GHK Airsoft released some photos showing a prototype of their AK GMAG, a polymer gas magazine made for the GHK AK Gas Blowback Rifle Series. The photos are just a sample though the pattern is not final yet. Each magazine weighs 420g and has a capacity of 50 rounds. As for release date and pricing, no information was released.

Unifeed EPM Feed Lip Now Available

Unifeed Airsoft finally announce the availability of the Unifeed EPM an enhanced feed lip that aims to solve the issue of doublefeeding, jams and related issues with using KWA Gas Blowback Rifles... "Unifeed EPM is now available for purchase through our online store at Ecrater! This platforms allows for guest checkout (no login required) for maximum convenience. PayPal and credit card payments are accepted.

AR-Style GBB That Uses Glock Gas Mags

Iron Airsoft posted a video about a new "toy" that they are testing on Facebook. The video shows an AR-style Gas Blowback Rifle that uses a Glock-style gas magazine. Speculation is that this uses a WE Airsoft G18 Gas Magazine. Now, we just need more information on this GBB and pronto!

Airsoft GI: Tips On Gas Mag Leaks

For gas blowback owners, magazine leak in their gas mags is always something that they don't look forward to, especially if in the course of a game or going through a course of fire in airsoft practical shooting. So to deal with this problem, the Airsoft GI Uncut posted this video to show you how to deal with this issue.

Airsoft Mike: HFC Gas Drum Mag HD

You have seen this in our video during the MOA Exhibition 2017, now it's Airsoft Mike's turn to say what he thinks about it in this video review... "In today's unboxing, I get my hands on a new product released this year by HFC! It's a gas operated (and HPA) metal drum magazine! This drum mag is designed to work with TM spec models including HFC, WE & others. As long as they are of a Tokyo Marui spec.

Currently available for G series and M9 models. US$109."

FG-Airsoft GHK Gas Mag HPA Adapters

FG-Airsoft got adaptors for your GHK M4 Gas Magazines so they can accept HPA power... "Air adaptors for GHK gas magazines (M4, G5, GMAG, AKM, AK74, AUG) : turn your magazines to hybrid that can runs gas or air (HPA) without modifications. Only requires 3 minutes installation."

0'20 Mag: Gas Drum Mag For Pistols

A high capacity gas drum magazine for pistols gets tested by 0'20 Magazine. Made for the Tokyo Marui and WE G17 GBB Pistols, this HFC Metal Gas Drum Magazine weighs 900 grams and has a 145-BB capacity. To fill this up with gas, it will take around 25 seconds and it has a windup loading design.

Gun Gamers: How To Maintain GBB Mags

A helpful video from the Gun Gamers showing you how to maintain gas magazines as well as revive old ones... "Lutz attempts to show you a simple way to maintain or revive old GBB mags, specifically the WE F226. But this can be applied to most GBB pistol and even some rifle magazines."

WGC Shop: GHK PMAG-Style Gas Mags

WGC Shop announced that they have in stock the new GHK PMAG-Style Gas Magazines. Made for the GHK AR Series, which means the GHK G5 and M4 Gas Blowback Rifles, these are made of Nylon-fibre strengthening shell. They give good performance and ultra lightweight of around 376g. As for the capacity, they have a maximum load of 40 BBs.