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Gas Magazine

Airsoft Gas Magazine Maintenance Tip

Eject88 shows you how to maintain you gas magazine without opening it up in this video. It seems like he did this video in his underwear... "My version on how to maintain your magazines without disassembling them. The goal is to keep the O-rings and rubber gaskets lubricated with silicon oil. Here I use Abbey's products: The silicon oil 35, and the Predator High silicon oil percentage in the gas, container.

Hephaestus GHK AK Extended Mag Type B

Hephaestus Airsoft released another extended magazine for the GHK AK Gas Blowback Rifle Series. In this video, Bunny Workshop shows the Hephaestus 60-Rounds Gas Magazine (Extended Type B) to show you how long it is and of course with the extended capacity means that you get more rounds for your gas magazine.

GBB Magazine Warmer Bag At 18 Airsoft

Good news to those who worry about keeping their gas magazines warm enough to work well in colder conditions with this GBB Magazine Warmer Bag in stock at 18 Airsoft... "Want to get your GBB Game on 365 days of the year but hounded and defeated by General Winter? Now you can play all-year round with the new GBB mag warmer.

ProWin 36rd Magazine For TM G17/18

In stock right now at RedWolf Airsoft are the ProWin 36-round Gas Mags for TM G17 and G18... "ProWin are known for making exceptionally great magazines and the ProWin 36rds Magazine for Tokyo Marui Model 17 / 18 Series is a great example.

ProWin CNC Gas Mag For Marui Glocks

Pistol shooters worried about their gas magazines being damaged when dropped on the floor/ground during reloads? For airsoft Glock pistol shooters, here is a preview of the ProWin CNC Magazine for Marui Glock 02 with a Tactical Base Pad. The preview shows that it can take a punishment when being dropped on the ground. Now we need to find out how gas efficient this is when it gets released.

KWA KRISS Vector 49-Round Gas Mag

A hard to find item just cropped up at Airsoft Atlanta --- the KWA KRISS Vector 49-Round Gas Magazine. For those looking for this better hurry before stocks run out... "Airsoft Atlanta has received KWA SMG magazines that fit the original KRISS Vector gas gun! These magazines are rare and hard to find even used. This is a brand new batch that was never released. Nearly 200 magazines in stock and shipping.

Hephaestus Custom HTs-14 Gas Magazine

Hephaestus Airsoft  finally reveal their latest project due for release this month, a Compact Gas Magazine for the HTs-14 GBB... "It has been a long time since last update as we are having our hands full with the new projects. How about some news about the Custom Mag for HTs-14?

PTS Masada GBB & EPM Gas Magazine

In the past days, we have been posting news about the PTS Syndicate Masada Gas Blowback. Today, we post the official news release from company detailing about the Gas Blowback Rifle which will be released next month together with the new EPM Gas Magazine...

How To Oil Your GBB and Gas Magazine

AirRattle's new howto video is for owners of gas blowback guns to take note and bookmark for reference in maintaining their GBBs... "Proper maintenance for your gas gun is extremely important. Over time, the o-rings and seals can dry out and crack, if they are not properly oiled. This video will show you how to properly oil your gun and magazines, to keep it nice and healthy."

CQB Russian Airsoft HPA Mag Adapter

Now you can have a Gas or HPA Power in the same airsoft gun, thanks to CQB Russian Airsoft. He made an HPA Adapter for airsoft gas magazines which you can quickly install in 20 seconds according to him. All you need to do is remove the gas valve then install the adapter. Attach a hose then hook up the HPA tank and you're good to go. If you want to go back to GBB, just put back the gas valve in again.