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Gas Magazine

GHK M4 Gen 2 Magazine Overview

The Punisher, MaximusMJG, gives us an overview of the GHK M4 2nd Generation Gas Magazine... "Just received these new magazines in from samoon and figured I'd share my thought with you. The mags are pretty pricy and are well built and in my eyes ten times better than the first gen mags. I love how they designed the new internals and how eyes it is to disassemble the mag."

WE MSK Mag Gas Efficiency Test

This new gas magazine test from RA-Tech compares the M4 version 2 and MSK version from WE Airsoft using the standard WE M4 gas Magazine as baseline. The difference is just a small for both magazines with the MSK firing 61 rounds under a single Green Gas charge whilst the Version 2 Magazine fired 62 rounds under a single charge. You can also do the testing yourself under different weather/temperatures.

Products In Stock at Tiger111HK

For this week's product update from Tiger111HK, they have in stock the G&P MK18 Mod I AEG w/ 553 Graphic Sight (Extended Stock)- DE which should give you a fully kitted up AEG that you can use immediately for airsoft games without thinking of how to dress it up further to make it tacticool.  Another is a MOLLE Vest in multicam pattern and an announcement that they have an assortment of KSC pistol magazines available.