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Gas Shell

RWTV On The Airsoft Innovations 40 Mike

It's the turn of RedWolf Airsoft TV to give their take on the most controversial airsoft product of the year, the Airsoft Innovations 40 Mike Gas Shell... "The 40 Mike is the MOST POWERFUL 40mm gas shell ever made!

Airsoft GI: AI 40 Mike Gas Shell Review

Airsoft GI got the Airsoft Innovations 40 Mike Gas Shell in stock and for this review, they use GI Justin as the guinea pig to test its power... "The 40 Mike Gas Shell BB Shower is a brand new concept Airsoft Innovations has presented to change the expectations of an airsoft grenade shell. A stream of 150 BBs shoots out of the shell with a 10 foot spread and up to 100 feet in range.

AI 40 Mike Gas Shell At ROE Airsoft

UK-based players looking for the Airsoft Innovations 40 Mike Gas Shell can visit ROE Airsoft as they have it in stock. If you do not have a launcher to go with the shell, they also have gas grenade shell launchers for you to choose from... "The 40 Mike is the MOST POWERFUL 40mm gas shell ever made! It features an unparalleled 100ft range, 150BB capacity, and fires every shot at 240fps with using their patented Quantum Drive Technology.

Toronto Airsoft: AI 40 Mike Gas Shell

Toronto Airsoft got the newest product from their neighbour, Airsoft Innovations (well, not literally next door neighbour), the 40 Mike Gas Shell. It's the talk of the town nowadays as its Quantum Drive Technology, which sounds like a space age tech, just changed the way we look at the 40mm gas shell we use in airsoft.

Novritsch Tries The AI 40 Mike Gas Shell

Airsoft's biggest celebrity, Novritsch, tries the controversial 40 Mike Gas Shell from Airsoft Innovations. A radically redesigned 40mm gas shell for airsoft, can spit out 150 BBs in a second to a maximum range of 100 feet. This uses the Airsoft Innovations patented Quantum Drive Technology that delivers the highest energy output in a 40mm airsoft gas shell.

Battlezone Airsoft AI 40 Mike Test

Here is the latest test of the Airsoft Innovations 40 Mike Gas Shell conducted by Battlezone Airsoft in Essex... "We here at Battlezone Airsoft decided to run our own tests on a brand new product from Airsoft Innovations the 40 Mike. As the online videos that are out there to date do not show the 40 Mike being used correctly & therefore these are not fair tests.

AI 40 Mike Gas Shell At Airsoftjunkiez

Airsoftjunkiez now got the Airsoft Innovations 40 Mike Gas Shell in stock and ready to ship to you. That is, when you order from them... "Scary new product from Airsoft Innovations- 40Mike 40mm grenade. Make the salt real with this new grenade from our Canadian friends at Airsoft Innovations! Packed with 150 BB's that may as well be angry wasps covered in lit gasoline traveling roughly the speed of a Nascar. This is one mean grenade.

Airsoft Nation's Ultimate AI 40 Mike Review

Yesterday, you saw Airsoft Innovations' Carlton Chong  on the Airsoft Nation live show to talk about the 40 Mike Gas Shell. Now Graham of Airsoft Nation takes one, errr... over  one hundred BBs for the team, as he reviews the controversial product itself... "During this review we tested the Airsoft Innovations 40 Mike, the brand new 40mm airsoft grenade on the market."

Airsoft Nation 40 Mike Live Show

Airsoft Nation got Carlton Chong of Airsoft Innovations to talk about the 40 Mike in this live show episode (this is the recorded version)... "Jump of the Banwagon! Join the 40 Mike discussion and ask YOUR QUESTIONS with Airsoft Innovations - CEO Carlton Chong.

Is this hype deserved? Was the marketing flawed from the beginning? Does the 40 Mike have a place in Airsoft - this is what we're talking about."

MAG 40mm Shell With The ICS MGL

Mach Sakai tests the 40mm Gas Grenade Shell from MAG with the ICS Airsoft MGL. The MAG 40mm can be loaded with 120 rounds of 6mm plastic BBs and with the ICS Airsoft MGL, six shells can be fired one aftet the other. Find out that range of the BBs as well as the performance of the MGL with the MAG shells.