Specna Arms Gun Case 106cm


Official video from Specna Arms on their 106cm gun case... "A massive gun case by Specna Arms made of thick and durable polymer. The case can store a carbine with a maximum length of 1020 mm along with additional equipment such as optics, magazines or tactical accessories. Thanks to strong walls and inserts made of soft foam, the case allows to safely and comfortably transport equipment to a the place of action, game or a car.

Tom's Airsoft Channel: Specna Arms Gun Case


The Specna Arms Gun Case has been available at most airsoft retailers in Europe and it is a good seller. Made of polymer, it is a hard case rifle that can protect your airsoft gun with a  4-layer insulation material that can be cut individually, 4 flap locks to close the case tight, air pressure valve to vent the case, and it is IPX7 rated waterproof. Tom's Airsoft Channel got one just for this video review (in German).

Gunfire TV: Specna Arms Gun Case Review


What will our good friend Leszek of Gunfire say about the Gun Case from Specna Arms that they carry at their store? Probably nice things about it and he'll say it a sweet way... "Specna Arms is a well-known manufacturer of airsoft replicas, which is more and more boldly developing its range of accessories and parts. The replica carrying bags are accompanied by a massive and solid Specna Arms Gun Case.

Maniek44 With The Specna Arms Gun Case


One of the ultimate tests for hard cases for rifles and other equipment, apart from the crush test, is a waterproof test. So Maniek44 decided to throw the Specna Arms Gun Case into the lake to see if it will sink or swim... "I don't think that Specna Arms will send me anything more to test after this one xD."

Emerson Gear M60/M249 Gun Case At SOCOM Tactical


Looking for a gun bag to carry your support weapon? Check this Emerson Gear M60/M249 Gun Case that is available at SOCOM Tactical... "Having a gun case that will take our light machine guns or long guns has always been an issue for those of us who run bigger weapons. With the Emerson Gear M60/M249 gun case, there is a fine solution. The case is specifically designed to handle lmgs and long guns and keeps them well protected.

Begadi Hardcase For Rifles Review


Begadi got its own hardcase for carrying your airsoft rifles to and from the game and Airsoft Start reviews one so you don't have to look around for other reviews... "Hello friends of the BB acceleration. In this video I would like to introduce you to a really good weapon case that totally convinced me."

How To Plasti Dip Airsoft Gun Case Foam


Ranger Rett got this tip for those who want to plasti dip the foam they use for their gun hard cases... "Hey everyone, I wanted to share some great tips on making your Pluck-N-Pull foam more viable for long term use of your case. Using plati dip spray on your foam hardens your foam to always protect your hardware! Hope you enjoy!"

Gunfire: Specna Arms Gun Case


Shock resistant and water resistant gun case from Specna Arms is available to order now at Gunfire... "If you are looking for a solid case to transport your carbine, you just found it. The Specna Arms Gun Case is shock resistant and thanks to the IPX-7 waterproof, you don’t have to worry about your replica getting soaked. The case has thick polymer walls and soft foam inserts. Inside, we can fit a carbine, max length of 1020, and additional equipment."

Valken 46" Double Rifle Tactical Gun Case


The Valken Tactical 46" Double Rifle Tactical Gun Case should be good enough to help you bring you a primary plus a backup carbine. Kaiju tells more about it in this video... "The Valken Tactical Gun Bag is an absolute must-have for transporting your guns. It is the perfect size for holding your standard guns and most compact guns. Keep all your weapons and accessories in one easy to carry gun bag.

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