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ASG Dan Wesson 2.5" and 6" Revolvers

Latest release from Action Sports Games for those who love playing and collecting airsoft revolvers with these two new CO2 powered Dan Wesson Revolvers... "Hello Guys! The family of the most powerful CO2 powered revolvers just got bigger. The hugely popular Dan Wesson® revolver series has been expanded with 2 brand new models:

New Stock of ACM Pistols at ROE

For those who are looking for some budget gas blowback pistols, Rules of Engagement (ROE) just took in a new shipment of ACM GBB pistols last week, apart from the known branded airsoft gas blowbacks and accessories. Mainly from Army Armament, Tercel and Meister, these are all budget guns for those who want to stretch their money a little bit more.

Cybergun Sig Sauer P229 Full Metal GBB

Now in stock at Godfather Airsoft and is priced at US$134.99... "Official Licensed Product with SIG SAUER Trademarks by Cybergun made by KJW. FULL METAL Gas Blow Back P229 Hop Up Version provides high reliablity, strong performance and very good accuracy. Textured grip with authentic engravings and slide. Functional decocking lever and realistic double action trigger. Removable metal full size magazine.

Tokyo Marui Biohazard Samurai Edge M92F

This limited edition gas blowback pistol from Tokyo Marui is being retailed for US$235.00 by eHobby Asia, so better hurry up if you want one of these, as stocks may just run out very soon... "TV Game Resident Evil / Biohazard M92F (Samurai Edge). BERETTA Model from the popular video game - BIOHAZARD.

3PX4 HK PX4 Custom Gas Blowback Pistol

This gas blowback pistol available at Get Reload for US$91.00 spouts a mouthfull of letters. Try mentioning the name to your mates and either you mangle the model name or you get blank stares. Anyway, this pistol has full metal slide and outer barrel with engraved PX4 custom trades on both sides.

AABB KOO Defense Glock Carbine Kit

Not to be confused with the martial arts style KOO Defense, this is a carbine conversion kit developed by AABB. JK Army has priced this kit at US$64.00 but has not indicated when it's going to be released. This carbine conversion kit will be made available in 3 types: KSC and TM Glock 17, TM Glock 18C, and the KSC Glock 18c. Sling and gun in the photo are not included.

J-Tech Large & Medium Pistol Cases

J-Tech Gear present a video featuring their large and medium pistol cases which ca be configured depending on the size and magazines you want to carry along with you. Although what is available at their website is just the medium sized pistol case, expect the large one available soon. The price for the medium pistol case is US$35.99.

New Airsoft Megastore Products & Videos

Checkout the new products and watch the latest videos from Airsoft Megastore... "Airsoft Megastore just got in a shipment of the New G&G GR4 G26 AEG's, and our Airsoft Experts, Vince and David, lit up like it was Christmas! This G&G M4 variant borrows from multiple sources to create an extremely comfortable and solidly designed CQB AEG. Check out the video of our Airsoft Expert, David, providing a quick review of the New G&G GR4 G26:

Umarex H&K MK23 & WE MEU Pistols

The latest airsoft gas blowback pistols from UN Company. The Umarex H&K MK23 USSOCOM and WE MEU Pistols all feature full trades and metal slides. The product links may load slow as the images are heavy files when you click on the links provided... "Dear All, UN Company wants to introduce some new products that we got this week:

SOCOM Gear DoubleStar 1911 Combat Pistol

Interested distributors can now place their orders of this newly released SOCOM Gear product... "SOCOM Gear is proud to present the fully licensed Double Star Corp. Combat Pistol.  The original handgun by DSC is designed to be a match quality 1911 at a production price.  SOCOM Gear brings you the airsoft version with authentic DSC engravings on both sides of the slide and lower frame.