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Stay Hydrated This Summer With Airsoft GI

Not a long one this time, but Airsoft GI wants to make sure that you can get OE Tech Gear from them, plus they're taking pre-orders on the KWA ATP NS2... "Every year hundreds of people succumb to heat stroke and other heat caused illnesses, make sure you don't become a heat causality this summer and stay hydrated on the field!

Hi-Grouping PX4 Metal Version Pistol

Hobby e-Shop have some PX4 full metal gas blowback airsoft pistols which come in black and silver colours. They have full trades and fire at 265fps with top gas... "Hi every one! The Hi-Grouping Full Marking PX4 Metal Version Pistol available now!, it comes with a very good quality, cheap price , hope you guy like it!

Hi-Grouping Full Marking PX4 Metal Version Pistol (BK)

New SOCOM Gear Pistols Coming Soon

A teaser image released by SOCOM Gear showing three incoming airsoft pistols. One is the Kel-tec PMR-30 which for the real steel fires the .22 Magnum WMR. The other pistol is the Double Star Corporation Combat Pistol and is a 1911 variant. While the middle one we cannot say but has the Gemtech Rimfire pistol suppressor. More details of these in the near future, stay tuned.

KJ Works M9A1 Full Metal GBB OD

Not really a new product, but for those who like the Olive Drab colour on their airsoft pistols might be interested with this M9A1 pistol in OD made by KJ Works. This has a full metal slide and barrel assembly and on top gas it fires 320fps. You can also use CO2 with this pistol when you purchase the CO2 magazine for it. This is available at eHobby Asia for US$81.99.

KJW Full Metal 1911 CO2 GBB Pistol

Airsoft Panda now has in stock the KJ Works Full Metal CO2 M1911A1 Gas Blowback Pistol. Priced at US$93.00 this has a full metal slide. It is said to have realistic markets, but not the official trades, as it just has the KJ Works and Taiwan engraved on the handgun. This has full metal outer barrel and lower frame, compatible with Tokyo Marui Parts, and produces a strong recoil.

The Airsoft Surgeon Designs New Hop-Up

How about doing some very accurate double-tap with your airsoft pistol? Clarence Lai, aka the Airsoft Surgeon, has designed a hop-up system for the TM Hi-Capa gas blowback pistol in cooperation with PDI-Japan, this new hop-up will not let your bb fall off the inner barrel and it in the video, the system really works. Coming to RedWolf Airsoft soon.

Warriors Guide to the Combat Pistol

Written by the founder of Viking Tactics, SKDTac is now retailing this book for US$40.95... "We all have heard the expression, 'Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight' - the ultimate parable of the ill-equipped. Gunfighters know when the moment of truth arrives and it is time for your pistol to clear leather, a shooter must not only be prepared, but also be more prepared than the other guy.

Bladetech Tek Lok PX4 Duty Holster

Tokyo Marui PX4 owners may just want to check this holster available at Wolf Armouries as it's on stock and priced at £79.99... "Tek Lok is a secure, innovative and versatile latching attachment system. It has been contoured to better fit the profile of the body and to eliminate hot spots. The Tek-Lok is held in place by two robust retaining tabs. A user friendly, integrated secondary locking system was also built into the newly redesigned Tek-Lok.

SOCOM Gear Punisher 1911 Custom .45 Video

SOCOM Gear releases a new video on their custom Punisher 1911 gas blowback pistol featuring it in action and the case that it goes with it. Also you get black and silver two tones and compensator to go with it so check more by watching the video below... "Get up close and personal with the Socom Gear Punisher 1911.

Flanker's Tokyo Marui FN FiveseveN Review

You've watched Flanker in CQB pistol action in the past weeks, and now he gets to give you a review of the airsoft pistol that he used in those games... "Here's my first gear review featuring the awesome Tokyo Marui FN FiveseveN gas blow back pistol. Pardon the bad lighting. This is a two part review. Please comment, like, and subscribe. It'll motivate me to bring you guys more cool content."