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Airsoft Surgeon Tactical Elite Custom Carry

The Airsoft Surgeon surely knows how to help you burn your money with his latest creation that you can have for US$1,466.00 at RedWolf Airsoft... "Based on a Tokyo Marui 1911, this piece is a nice slim and compact design despite its full sized nature.

WE Full Metal Custom Silver 1911 Knighthawk

If you're in the market for the dimpled look and will go with your KAC PDW AEG or GBB, then you get this airsoft pistol from for US$125.00... "This is the latest WE custom pistol from the 1911 family. The Knight Hawk is a one-of-a-kind custom pistol with unique styling. Limited edition WE-Tech pistols are quality tested for finish, performance, look and feel placing these pistols at the top of the Airsoft industry.

WE M9A1 S.O.C. Special Edition 2-Tone

Limited edition pistol that you may just desire and it's available for just US$99.00 at "Finally! A two tone stainless M9 MEU Gas blowback with railed frame and threaded barrel. Besides the currently top of the line internal and performance, this pistol has all the external features some will ever look for on a M9. Being a Marui / WE system, this pistol is also packed with thousands of upgrades, accessories and performance parts.

Storm PX4 Aluminium Slide & Steel Barrel Set

The Tokyo Marui Beretta PX4 Storm Gas Blowback pistol is one cute piece of kit. But what more if you can change the slide and outer barrel with Aluminium and Steel from EB Airsoft? This would make it an even better and sturdier airsoft handgun that you can use as backup or primary during CQB games. This is made in Taiwan and no modification is needed just to install this on the PX4 Storm.

Tokyo Marui Strike Warrior GBB Pistol

Latest gas blowback pistol release by Tokyo Marui. Called the Strike Warrior, this is inline with the 1911 series such as the MEU and the M1911A1 as previously released by the company. What is striking with this design is that Tokyo Marui has put in the Dragon-type compensator which is desired by real world operators for CQB situations. This costs JPY16,800 and is compatible with the MEU and M1911A1 TM pistol magazines.

China-Made Full Metal GBB Pistol PPK/S

Another Walther PPK/S-based airsoft pistol that is China-made and costs US$75.00 at Airsoft Panda, shipping costs not included. This has full markings and out of the box fires at 230fps with HFC134a gas and it has silver-plated outer barrel apart from silver slide. It is compatible with the Maruzen version, which it obviously takes its design inspiration from.

WinGun Sport 7 CO2 Revolver Series

This just not one, but 8 WinGun Sport 7 CO2 Full Metal airsoft revolvers that you can choose from. There are snub noses, to the long guns depending on how you want your revolver to be. Time for some Shootout at O.K. Corral with these... "Hi every one! This time , we are going to introduce some hot items to you guys!! Check these out!

WinGun Sport 7 Full Metal CO2 Revolver Series

Maruzen P99 Fixed Slide & More Items In Stock

Firesupport announce many items that are now in stock which are mainly branded under the Umarex name but are comprised of items from Maruzen such as the P99 fixed slide airsoft handgun, the KWA USP .45 gas blowback pistols which are System 7 and the old version, the VFC PDW magazine, and the KWA MP7A1 gas blowback airsoft submachine gun.

"Maruzen P99 Fixed slide and many more items in stock:

SOCOM Gear Viking Tactical Pro Training 1911

This airsoft training pistol from SOCOM Gear is now at RedWolf Airsoft for a reasonable price of US$150.00... "An all metal (Aluminium) pistol, the Viking is essentially an M1911 with modern styling. Making use of the single stack type magazine, its slender in the hand making it comfortable and the lightweight metal makes it fairly agile despite its fair amount of mass.

Marushin Anaconda Maxi8 4" X Cartridge

You've read our review of the 7.5inch version of this, and now comes the 4-inch version which is available at RedWolf Airsoft for US$153.00... "A gorgeous large-frame revolver, the Marushin Anaconda has been around for a good long while now; originally with an 8 inch barrel, this shorter 4 inch version replicates the very same weapon in a shorter format.