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Hi-C: The 15 Best Nerf Guns For Office Warfare

Far away from the nearest airsoft skirmish site and stuck at work though there's nothing being done? Why not just declare war on your office mates and blast each other with Nerf guns. Office warfare doesn't get complete with all the latest Nerf guns and Hi-Consumption made of a list of the 15 Best Nerf Guns that you can use when you get an itchy trigger finger at the office.

Hi-C Top List: The 15 Best Tactical Watches

This week's "top list" from Hi-Consumption features Tactical Watches and they have some good picks... "Picking a watch for military or paramilitary use is all about your needs, but all of them need a few basic features: Foremost should be rugged scratch and shock resistance, usually a nice sapphire crystal with a quartz interior. Then you look for waterproofing and pressure fighting.

Hi-C: The 10 Best Tactical Backpacks

Another round of "Top 10" list by Hi-Consumption and it's about a Tactical Backpacks. Surely, it's an interesting list of really good backpacks to use even as EDCs, but are they really the top 10? ***Shrug***... "The first thing a good tactical pack needs is a few straps to keep it in place, but not so many that they will catch on branches or brambles. It needs a degree of weather protection, and loops for attaching additional gear to the outside.

Hi-C: Best Tactical Knives Available

Hi-Consumption came up with a list of what they think are the Best Tactical Knives. Do you agree?... "When the Boy Scouts say 'Be Prepared' they mean make sure you can tie knots, know what plants are edible, and can lead group sing-a-longs in tune. When we say it, we mean you need to get yourself the best gear possible to deal with being trapped in a sinking car, fighting off a North Korean invasion, or spending your sweet Paid Time Off lost in the Adirondacks.

Hi-Consumption: 6 Best Tactical Flashlights

It's time for another of The <Insert Number Here> Best <Insert Product Type Here> article from Hi-Consumption and this time it covers Tactical Flashlights. Do you agree that with their list? There are some taclights you might want included other than this list... "If you’ve ever heard the expression 'It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness' then you have only heard half the quote.

Hi-Consumption: The 7 Best R/C Drones

Another "The <insert no. here> Best <insert product type here" story at Hi-Consumption which we should read into as it is about the civilian drones that can be used in covering airsoft events from the air (or on water). With more and more airsoft players using action cameras, the natural progression is fitting such action cameras in drones and remote controlled toy helicopters to get aerial video footages of the airsoft action below.

Hi-C: "The 12 Best Tactical Tomahawks"

A tool that any airsofter would like included in his kit but won't be able to use it, unless you're Bob the Axeman. Tomahawks are useful tools and weapons when the going gets touch, and by the mere sight of such, would make the enemy think twice before rushing to the wielder. Hi-Consumption's "The <Insert> Best" story is about what the author says are the 12 Best Tactical Tomahawks.

Hi-Consumption: "The 7 Best Action Cameras"

Another "The <Insert Number Here> Best" article which some of you might be already tired of. But then this one we cannot resist to provide you the link as it's about what every airsoft player should have --- an action camera. Hi-Consumption gives us a list of what they consider to be the seven best action cameras available. But going over the list, describing it to be "underwhelming" is being kind about it.

Hi-Consumption: "The 12 Best Tactical Pens"

Most probably this will get your attention as top 10s, top 12s, countdowns of whatever topic are surefire formulae for readers to click and read on further. Bobby Box writes for the Hi-Consumption website the 12 Best Tactical Pens so find out if you agree with him... "There’s a good chance you already include a nice writing pen as part of your every day carry, so why not opt for one that could help save your life in an emergency?