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Tokyo Marui HK45 AEP 19 February Release

Tokyo Marui announced that the HK45 AEP will be released on the 19th of February 2019 and here is a rough translation of its features... "A handgun, the 'HK45' was produced based on the ideas of the members of the US Army Special Force Delta Force and this airsoft vesion appears as an electric gun handgun type!

Hyperdouraku: Tokyo Marui HK45 AEP

The Tokyo Marui HK415 AEP will be the latest from Tokyo Marui when it gets released. On display during the 58th All Japan Model & Hobby Showm this AEP has semi and full auto firing modes, adjustable hop-up, under rail for mounting accessories, and has a slim and portable diecast magazine. A 100-round magazine is also being planned to be released for it.

Learn more on Hyperdouraku.

Reapers Airsoft: VFC Umarex HK45 GBB

A comprehensive review of the Umarex Heckley & Koch HK45 Gas Blowback Pistol by Reapers Airsoft. OEM by VFC it has an adjustable hop-up and has an inner barrel length of 105mm. A hefty pistol at 870g it has a magazine with 24-BB round capacity. This is not the tactical version as it does not come with a thread to attach a suppressor.

Mach Sakai: Tokyo Marui HK45 Tactical

Mach Sakai checks out a variant of the HK45 Pistol in the form of the Tokyo Marui HK45 Tactical Gas Blowback Pistol. This comes with a suppressor whch is made of aluminium and has a large diametre cylinder for stable performance and powerful blowback. It has an under rail for accessories and comes with two backstraps. He reviews the pistol for operation, externals, and performance in a steel challenge.

Airsoftology: Umarex KWA HK45 Pistol

Jonathan Higgs reviews the KWA HK45 Green Gas Pistol by Elite Force/Umarex in this Airsoftology video... "Jonathan reviews the big boy from the H&K family; The HK45 to see if this KWA made powerhouse is worthy of the Umarex licensing...or is it just another average GBB Pistol... watch and see what he discovers, and share your thoughts below."

Airsoftology: Elite Force HK45 CO2 Pistol

Jonathan Higgs checks out of the Elite Force HK45 CO2 Pistol if it gives the most bang for the buck at under US$60 in this Airsoftology video... "Jonathan looks at the surprisingly affordable Non Blowback HK45 CO2 pistol from Elite Force to see if this metal and polymer budget shooter is the deal it appears to be, or if it falls short of the mark."

Custom HK45 Kydex Holster & Mag Pouch

Bunny Workshop does a custom Kydex Holster and Magazine Pouch for the HK45 Tactical pistol. For owners of this big pistol, it's a blessing that a Kydex holster can be ordered for it and the magazines. This can be used with the Blackhawk! Belt Slide. Interested customers can contact them for custom orders.

Tokyo Marui HK45 GBB At MoaiHobby

Available at MoaiHobby right now is the Tokyo Marui HK45 Gas Blowback Pistol. It has the markings as seen in the real steel versionn and this has a real action decocking lever as a safety button and decocking function. For mounting weapons accessories, it has a 20mm Picatinny Under Rail to accomodate a weaponlight or a lser and it has a the hop-up thumb dial inside the pistol.

RA-Tech TM HK45 Alum Slide & Steel Barrel

RA-Tech sent in news about their new releases made for the Tokyo Marui HK45 Gas Blowback Pistol. Th first one is the Aluminium Slide and comes with two different types of markings that either was based on the Tokyo Marui HK45 markings or the KWA HK45 Markings. The second is the extended threaded steel outer barrel that has a 14mm CCW thread for those who want to install a suppressor.

HK45 Upgrades & Tan M4 Forged Receiver

A quick product update from RA-Tech which they sent in yesterday. For owners of the KSC/KWA HK45 Gas Blowback Pistol they now have the HK45 Series Upgrade with their CNC Steel Slide and Outer Barrel Options. They also announce the availability of the M4 Forged Receiver in Tan colour made for the WE M4 GBB Series.