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Airsoftjunkiez/BAD MP7 HPA Kit Returns

The Airsoftjunkiez/BAD MP7 Jack Kit is back in stock and comes with the braided grip line. This is design especially for the Tokyo Marui MP7 and is a special PolarStar Jack engine with the Jack FCU. You will need to check with Airsoftjunkiez is this kit will readily fit the VFC/Elite Force/Umarex MP7 AEG or will require some modding.

Airsoftjunkiez Custom HPA G&G CM16 LMG

A quick demo of the Airsoftjunkiez Custom G&G CM16 LMG with a Box Magazine. This will be built according to your specifications such as your choice of HPA engine to use with it. The box magazine has a 2,500 BB capacity and the custom work involves tuning as well.

PTS PDR-C With Wolverine Reaper

CQB Junkie tests a PTS Magpul PDR-C that has been kitted with the Wolverine Airsoft Reaper... "New Airsoft Gameplay at Helenaveen in the Netherlands. One of the best cqb indoor fields and always fun to play there. With a custom build of a friend of mine (ST Solutions) I had the chance to test out his project. The Wolverine Reaper this beast is really to rock n roll in cqb fields."

New Airsoftjunkiez HPA Air Lines

Airsoftjunkiez announce a line of HPA Air Lines that they made in house ready for their customers... "Dual quick QD air line in your choice of color. Hand made and tested in house in Norcross, GA. We're proud to build lines in house to bring you consistent quality and support for your products."


Airsoftjunkiez: TAGinn ML36 Demo

Airsoftjunkiez demonstrate the new ML36 launcher from TAGInn (Airsoftpyrotechnics). This launcher allows you to fire 40mm shells that are not pre-loaded with gas as the launcher lets you use HPA or a CO2 tank. In this case, this has an HPA chassis and fired with buckshot... "The TAG-ML36 Grenade Launcher with its rifled TAGinn barrel is a shell-less launcher that fires TAGinn projectiles directly without the need of any launching 'Shell'.

HPA Experts: M4 With Raven EMHPA Engine

HPA Experts show an M4 airsoft rifle kitted out with the Raven EMPHPA Engine. What we know is that this is still a prototype HPA engine that can be used with Version 2 gearbox shells. This custom work comes akso with a CNC Hop-Up Unit from Airsoftpro. Just watch the video to find out if this this the HPA engine you have been looking for.

Bullgear: PTW Upgrade To HPA + Tracer

What travesty is this? An HPA upgrade to a very expensive airsoft gun, a Systema PTW. Anyway, Bullgear shows the reworking of a Systema PTW and Celcius CTW with the BBD Bullgear Conversion Kit, allowing it to be powered with HPA. The CTW is said to be a clone of the PTW, so it can be converted as well. A tracer has been integrated into this HPA build.

Wolverine MTW Review By Taktik Airsoft

The new Wolverine Airsoft MTW Complete HPA-powered airsoft rifle is available in Canada. Montreal-based airsoft retailer Taktik Airsoft give a quick review of this HPA rifle as they have it in stock... "Checking out the Wolverine MTW and some of it's features. We put together a simple custom setup for a client which gave us an opportunity to confirm external component compatibility."

Airsoftjunkiez Krytac CRB-M HPA Package

Looking for a Krytac HPA-powered airsoft rifle? Not to worry as Airsoftjunkiez got a new Airsoftjunkiez Custom Krytac HPA CRB-M Package. The basic package allows your own choice of HPA engine to be installed into this custom HPA-gun. If you don't have a rig yet to go with it, you can mix and match so you can come up with the custom HPA rifle you are happy to bring to the field.

Wolverine Airsoft MTW First Impressions

The BB Warrior gets the recently released Wolverine Airsoft MTW HPA Rifle for a first impresions and gameplay video... "Today we'll be taking a look at what I believe to be the best airsoft gun out of the box, the brand new Wolverine Airsoft Modular Training Weapon (MTW).