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ASCU Gen 3 & WE Katana Overview

Yes, that is indeed a WE Airsoft Katana M4, albeit updated and modified to the liking of Booligan.. "When I got the WE Katana, I was impressed with it in stock form. Figured an update the electronics in the form of the latest gen ASCU and hop-up unit, as well as a Neo motor from ASG would modernize things a bit!"

Evike [The Gun Corner] WE Katana M4

Part of the Doorbuster Deals for the Airsoftcon 2014, Matt talks about the WE Airsoft Full Metal M4 AEG with the Katana System... "The WE-Tech KATANA system is a revolutionary concept that utilizes a replaceable upper cylinder unit much like Systema's PTW rifle. The innovative cylinder design allows for simple, easy and fast swaps of the upper end of the gearbox making the rifle adaptable to all scenarios of Airsoft gaming.

Airsoftology: WE M4 Katana System Review

Airsoftology has been busy in the past two months, picking up the pace when there was a big gap in their video releases early in the year and this is their last AEG review for 2013... "Could the modular Katana system from WE be the affordable alternate to the Systema PTW? We dig deep with a full 'Gear Guide' tech review to find out!"

About the WE Katana Gearbox System

For those who are not familiar with WE Airsoft's Katana Gearbox System, WE Airsoft Europe have come up with this poster explaining about the Adaptive Gearbox System, or Katana to give it a more awesome term as it represents the beautiful but deadly swords used by Samurais. Many would compare it to the System PTW series due the Cylinders and even the ICS AEGs for the split gearbox, but it's up to you to make up your mind if such system will help you in the airsoft battlefield.

What's Available at WE Airsoft Europe?

WE Airsoft Europe sent in a poster containing WE Airsoft products that can be ordered by interested retailers in the region. Their much well-received Katana Series are in stock including the Katana Raptor in Black and Tan colours. For those who need the Katana Cylinders, those are also available, plus the magazines that can be used with the AEGs. Also in stock is the 999 series, which is basically their G36-like series.

Products In Stock At WE Airsoft Europe

Dealers in Europe wanting to order more WE Airsoft products can check the following products that are now available at WE Airsosft Europe, starting with the Raptor Katana... "WE M4 Raptor AEG is the Top end model from the new "Katana" AEG Gearbox range. The Raptor handguard is made of aluminum, Nylon made 4 Position Cane stock, Metal 13" Outer barrel with Steel Advanced Armament Corp AAC Flashider.

When user turns the selector to 'Safe', it will release the spring in the gear box back to normal state.

New WE Airsoft Guns At Gunfire

WE Airsoft replicas now in stock at Gunfire for you to make your pick and a reminder that their ongoing 15% off sale will end tomorrow... "Gunfire introduced to offer new replicas from WE – there are both – AEGs and GBB pistols. Take a look especially on Raptor AEG – based on Katana system. Please remember, that only till tomorrow, 11:59 PM, you can buy them, and all other products from our offer, with 15% discount.

WE Katana, Standard AEGs & More

Take your pick of new WE Airsoft AEGs that are in stock right now at Tiger111HK. They have the WE M16 and SR-16 in either Standard or Katana configurations, depending on your budget and if you need to change cylinders often. Also in stock right now are the VFC EGLMs, VFC HK417 Sniper Kit, and the King Arms SVD Illuminated Scope. Plus, don't forget about their ongoing BELL Aug Promo.

"WE's New AEG Assault Rifle (KATANA / Standard)

S&T M3A1, WE Raptor & G&P AK Tactical

Tiger111HK sends in a very short list of new items that are available at their online store for this week and it's comprised of the Olive Drab colour of S&T Armament M3A1 Grease Gun AEG, the WE Raptor M4 Katana in Tan, and the G&P AK Tactical Combat AEG Rifle in black colour. More photos and details belown and click on the links to go to their product pages.

WE Katana M4 Raptor at ROE

Rules of Engagement (ROE) just got a shipment of the WE Katana M4 Raptor AEG, which according to our usual text, is the most sought after variant in the WE Katana M4 line-up. And with the curious guys at ROE now prolific at making video presentations, they take a look at it for those who want to know more about this product.