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Toronto Airsoft: Krytac Preview Part 1

Part 1 of Toronto Airsoft's preview of upcoming goodies from Krytac. They're expecting next Month a 2-Tone KRISS Vector AEG, Trident M-Lok, and the GPR-CC. The last sports the WarSport GPR Rail System that is compatible with the LVOA Rail Sections. All of these goodies are fully licensed, including the Defiance parts.

Krytac Trident 47 AEG Coming To The U.S.

What the Japanese airsoft players have been enjoying for some time now, the Krytac Trident 47 (SR-47) AEG, will soon be available to airsoft players in the U.S. next month. Airsoft GI gives us an overview on this AEG which the 8mm Ball Bearing Nautilus Mechbox, integrated MOSFET, and Easy Spring Access. It comes with license Defiance external parts and CMC trigger. The Krytac Trident 47 was first reealed in Japan during the Krytac Owners Meeting held last year and hosted by Laylax, Krytac's Japan partner.

Evike: Limited Edition KRISS Vector AEG

Here is a closer look at the upcoming Limited Edition KRISS Vector AEG from Krytac as are now taking pre-orders for it. 3,000 units will be produced for worldwide distribution and this comes with an M-Lok handguard and a 280mm inner barrel. It will feature a unique serial number identifier and will be accompanied with a certificate of authenticity.

External Features:

Carol Grillo: Krytac Trident CRB AEG

Carol Grillo reviews the Krytac Trident CRB and the version is the MK2. Already in the market for some time now, this features a billet style receive, ambidextrous selector, CMC Trigger, and onboard MOSFET. The MOSFET is built-in to the Nautilus Gearbox rather than as a separate component found somewhere else in the AEG.

Krytac KRISS Vector AEG Limited Edition

Something for Krytac fans to collect, a Limited Edition KRISS Vector AEG. 3,000 units of this AEG will be made available in October 2018 so better start saving now as they are priced $595.00. Better check with your nearest retailers if they are going to be stockists and if they are, you can pre-order from them. Press release below:

Airsoftjunkiez Custom Jack KRISS Vector

Airsoftjunkiez posted a video showing the Airsoftjunkiez KRISS Vector with PolarStar Jack do a FPS consistency test. This has a custom PolarStar Jack which has a custom FCU with Burst Mode. It does Semi, 3-round Burst, and full auto. To install this in the KRISS Vector AEG, a custom HPA chassis is done. You can order this at the Airsoftjunkiez online store.

USAirsoft: Krytac Kriss Vector Review

USAirsoft reviews the Krytac KRISS Vector AEG. Not much introduction is needed with this AEG which was introduced last year and is a good seller from Krytac. But the question by the reviewer if it is better than the other Krytac AEGs such as those from the Trident series. Watch the video below to know what he thinks of this AEG:

Angry Gun KSV KRISS Vector Suppressor

RedWolf Airsoft got in stock the Angry Gun KSV Suppressor for the Krytac KRISS Vector AEG. You get the option of choosing the Tracer version or just the Dummy Suppressor version... "Such a cool kit for any airsofter as this suppressor has a built in tracer. Light up the opposition with your Kriss Vector! Dummy and tracer editions available."

LWA: Krytac Trident MKII Series Pre-Order

If you have been waiting for the Krytac Trident MKII Series to be available in the UK again, better place your pre-orders now. Land Warrior Airsoft are expecting the series to be in stock next week... "We are awaiting a re-stock of Krytac Trident MkII airsoft rifles, expected to be with us towards the end of next week! ​We also have the brand new M-Lok rail versions of the popular MkII Trident series which we are expecting towards the end of August.

Airsoftjunkiez Krytac CRB MK2 HPA

Airsoftjunkiez are ready to provide you with a custom Krytac CRB MK2. The Airsoftjunkiez Custom Krytac CRB MK2 HPA gives you the choice of HPA engine to drop in to the CRB body. This will be configured from 300-500fps on 0.20g BBs with an an ROF of 20-33 BBs per second. Pricing will depend on the full HPA rig you want to go with it and accessories are not included.