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KWA LM4C PTR GBBR vs Police Car

Ever shot an airsoft gun at a police car? We do not encourage you to do that, especially in a real world environment as you'll get a response in terms of real bullets rather than BBs. This video shows Crown Rick Auto XTRAS using a KWA LM4C PTR against a police car which is used in movies to find out if the windshield breaks... "Will It Break The Windshield? KWA Professional Gas Blowback Airsoft Training Rifle Vs Police Car LM4c ptr. Lets find out!


BB2K Airsoft still with another video taken from the Umarex booth during the IWA Outdoor Classics 2018. It's the HK417D Gas Blowback Rifle this time and as well as the HK416D GBB and both made by KWA... "Almost missed! The new HK 417D GBB and the HK416D GBB. Both from KWA! Umarex is on the right track. KWA the best!"

Surefire CEO Buys KWA LM4 RIS GBBRs

KWA are proud to announe after learning from Modern Airsoft that John Matthews, Surefire Founder, Chief Executive Officer and President bought his first airsoft gun and it is the KWA LM4 RIS GBB-R. Would he use it to play airsoft, hang it to his wall, or test Surefire weaponlights and accessories with it? What do you think?

PTS Masada ERG At SHOT Show 2018

The PTS Magpul Masada ERG (recoil) is still in the market though we do not know who has this in stock. The Frog Airsoft spots this at the PTS Syndicate booth at the SHOT Show 2018, though he mentions there is no ETA yet which means it will be back in stock this year. The ERG is a the tech from KWA which also produces some of the PTS airsoft rifles.


BB2K Airsoft got surprised after finding a fully-licensed Gas Blowback Tavor Bullpup Rifle is on display at IWA Outdoor Classics 2018. This is made by KWA for Umarex... "UMAREX managed to surprise me!!! Without official announcement...a fully licensed IWI Tavor 21 GBBR from KWA! I was really flashed!" KWA At SHOT Show 2018 are not done yet filing their video reports taken during the SHOT Show 2018. For this video, they visit the KWA booth to see what products should excite the player for the year. KWA did not disappoint... "Jonathan gives a quick walkthrough in KWA's booth at SHOT Show 2018 and explain everything about their new and upcoming products."

KWA LM4 PTS Edition GBBR Last Item

Any takers of the Magpul X PTS LM4 GBB or the KWA LM4 PTS Edition GBBR. It's the last item that WGC Shop will be unloading... "The discontinued item, Magpul X PTS LM4 GBB. It's very well made, and its performance is 'combat-ready'. Need no to buy other expensive upgrade parts to make it ready for airsoft skirmish, you can do that simply unbox it.

RWTV: KWA's Very Own CQB Machine?

It looks like everybody's in agreement that the treat for airsoft at the SHOT Show 2018 is KWA's Ronin TK.45 AEG which just came up out of the blue. Will this eat into Krytac KRISS Vector AEG's sales? Just watch the video from RedWolf Airsoft TV... "KWA have been relatively quiet of late but have kicked off Shot Show 2018 with a surprise arrival!"

Airsoft Megastore: KWA Ronin TK.45

More on the announced KWA Ronin TK.45 AEG at the SHOT Show 2018 with Airsoft Megastore's AJ giving us a first look video... "AJ takes the FIRST look at the Ronin TK .45 from KWA. Now this is NOT the version that will be made available. There are still some details they need to work out, like if they want to go with the AEG 2.5 or AEG 3."

Spartan117gw: Best US$350 Airsoft Gun

Amongst these US$350 airsoft guns in the market today would you choose? The Krytac Trident MK II CRB, the VFC Avalon VR16 Calibur CQB M4, or the KWA AEG 2.5 VM4 Ronin 10? These are all good airsoft guns and choosing any will not be a bad decision. But watch Spartan117gw's comparison if you want an expert opinion.