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KWA SHOT Show 2017 Highlights

A minute long video from KWA Performance Industries showing the highlights of the SHOT Show 2017 that took place last month. This is mainly focused on what happened at their booth with visitors inspecting and trying some of the products they have, such as the airsoft guns they are offering for 2017.

KWA 360 View At SHOT Show 2017

Here is a nice video from Airsoft Atlanta that they produced when they visited KWA Performance Industries' booth during the SHOT Show 2017, a video with a 360-degree view... "KWA Airsoft - A 360 degree view of the Shot Show 2017 booth. Click and move around to get a 360 view video live from the shot show."

KWA ATP GBB Pistol Overview

Another overview video from Crawley Surplus Store, and they cover the KWA ATP Gas Blowback Pistol... "This week Dan has a long overdue play with KWA's Adaptive Training Pistol. KWA's latest addition to fill the gap left in the market from a certain firearms manufacturer's dislike of airsoft versions of their pistols."

USAirsoft: The KWA VM4-A1 AEG

USAirsoft shows another AEG from KWA that was on display at the SHOT Show 2017, the KWA VM4-A1... "Is the KWA VM4-A1 really the next big thing for airsoft? Bold statements coming from KWA but you know how they do things, they can really impress us with their works and that's exactly what I want to see!

Airsoft Atlanta: KWA SHOT Show 2017

We are now seeing the videos from Airsoft Atlanta with their coverage of the SHOT Show 2017 and we start with KWA Performance Industries... "A review of KWA at Shot Show 2017 in Las Vegas. Looking at the newest products and airsoft guns - Airsoft Atlanta."

KWA USA As PTS Exclusive Distributor

KWA Performance Industries (KWA USA) announced at the SHOT Show 2017 the news as being the exclusive distributor of PTS Syndicate products in the U.S.A.... "KWA is pleased to welcome PTS to the KWA family. PTS rifles will be available exclusively through KWA authorized dealers and the KWA online store in the United States.

Brain Exploder's Vz61 Skorpion Customization

Find out how the Brain Exploder customised this KWA Vz61 airsoft machine pistol as a handy sidearm using 3 accessories... "Taking a look at 3 accessories I've designed to compliment the KWA/KSC Vz.61 Skorpoion and make a formidable side arm in airsoft."

AirsoftTech23: Custom KWA KR12 DMR

Take a look at this custom KWA KR12 as done by AirsoftTech23... "Custom Airsoft DMR/SPR: Custom KWA KR12 | Custom Airsoft Gun: Well, here it is you guys! I think this thing looks absolutely beautiful and along with the looks, the performance is out of this world :D! Anyways, though, stay tuned for some huge changes that are happening VERY soon; but that is going to be it for this video, so I hope you guys enjoyed, but until next time, I'll see you guys later!"

KWA, Jag Precision & G&G At AirsoftCon `16

More videos of airsoft manufacturers and vendors who graced the AirsoftCon 2016, the massive event the company held at their superstore last month. The videos below show the stalls of the KWA, Jag Precision and G&G Armament where their representatives tell more what they had on display.

Nuke Airsoft: KWA MP7 GBB Review

A review in German by Nuke Airsoft of the KWA MP7 Gas Blowback SMG... "Review of the KWA MP7! For about 3-4 years in the team, it gives a very awesome feeling and decent performance. Furthermore faithful Trademarks thanks to the UMAREX license. Meanwhile, however, some age-related defects such as brittle seals.

Facts about Gun Powered by: Green Gas Length: 360 - 590mm FPS acc. Manufacturer: 380+"