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C&C Tac MK16 M-Lok Rail For PTW

WGC Shop got in stock a URGI-style railed handguard in stock. C&C Tac MK16 M-Lok 13.5 Rail is made for the Systema PTW and is of CNC machined aluminum construction with the M-LOK modular interface.


A custom SBR AEG from E&L Airsoft gets the 40-minute review treatment by Reapers Aisoft.. "Hi you birds ;-) Before Christmas we have as promised the first E&L model for you for a review and test. The MUR M-LOK CQB or Custom SBR is from shop-gun.de."

PTS Kinetic MREX-AR M-LOK 11″

The PTS Syndicate Kinetic MREX-AR M-LOK 11″ Modular Rail is now pre-order... "Like the MREX™-SCAR, much thought has been put into the design of the MREX™-AR. It is ergonomically set up to be more like a hand-guard (like that of the FAL or G3) instead of a tube. Its profile allows the user a very comfortable 'C-Grip' on the weapon, and allows accessories to be mounted as though they are integral to the weapon.

KWA TK.45 M-Lok Prototype Stolen

KWA posted on their Facebook page that the prototype KWA TK.45 M-LOK was stolen. The photo you see here is the actual stolen item that comes with an EOTech XPS-02 mounted on its top rail. They ask the community that if they find information or someone tries to sell it inform them.

PTS: How To Install M-LOK Accessories

Still new to the M-Lok? PTS Syndicate got this video to show you how to install accessories to the M-Lok System. PTS Syndicate carry rail systems using this free licensed firearm rail interface system. Short for "Modular Lock" this is developed by Magpul Industries and becoming the preferred new generation rail system over the KeyMod system which was open sourced by VLTOR Weapons Systems.

KA TWS M-LOK CQB Ultra Grade V2

Another gameplay and video review by Infamous Airsoft, taking the King Arms TWS M-LOK CQB Ultra Grade V2 AEG this time... "Being trapped and defending a position while playing Airsoft, must be one of the most stressful situations ... In this game, I will take advantage of the compact and lightweight of the new King Arms M4 TWS M-LOK CQB Ultra Grade v2 to defend my position tooth andnail."

M-Lok Rails From PTS Syndicate

Better check with your airsoft retailer if they've got the new M-Lok rails from PTS Syndicate under different brands as they are now being shipped worldwide... "NEW rails are headed out to dealers everywhere!!! Our new line of M-LOK rails! The fan favorite Centurion Arms CMR, the sleek Fortis MFG REV2, and the long awaited Kinetid Development Geroup kineticdevelopmentgroup for all you MK17/MK16 SCAR lovers out there.

Toronto Airsoft: Krytac Preview Part 2

In part 2 of Toronto Airsoft's Krytac Preview, they feature the Krytac Trident 47 SPR. AEG This means that the Krytac's SR-47 AEG version will soon be in Canada too after being released for the Japanese market early this year. This has the 8mm bearing Nautilus gearbox with integrated MOSFET and the KRYTAC 30k Neodymium Magnet High-Torque Motor.

Toronto Airsoft: Krytac Preview Part 1

Part 1 of Toronto Airsoft's preview of upcoming goodies from Krytac. They're expecting next Month a 2-Tone KRISS Vector AEG, Trident M-Lok, and the GPR-CC. The last sports the WarSport GPR Rail System that is compatible with the LVOA Rail Sections. All of these goodies are fully licensed, including the Defiance parts.

PTS Centurion Arms CMR M-LOK 13.5"

The wait is over, PTS Syndicate announce that the PTS Centurion Arms M-LOK CMR 13.5" is now available. This is fully licensed and mainly made of aluminium. Systema PTW owners can also get a version for their PTWs... "The Centurion Arms patented CMR rail system is a lightweight, robust, free-float rail system. This is compatible for most airsoft AR-15 setups.