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SR-25/M110 Mags Fit In A SCAR-H?

An interesting question? Will the magazines for the SR-25 or M110 rifle fit in a SCAR-H? Both have the big magazines that are made for the 7.62x51mm NATO round so they should be compatible, right? Well, find out if they do fit in airsoft versions in this Airsoft GI Uncut episode.

FFA: Valken RMAG Mid-Cap Review

Check out this review of the Valken RMAG Thermold-140 Midcap Magazine by Femme Fatale Airsoft... "I'm back with another review and this one is for the Valken RMag 140 Rd Mid-Cap 5 Pack! The Valken RMags are affordable mid-cap magazines that are made of impact resistant polymer and are designed to fit most popular M4 weapon systems. My sponsors at Valken sent over the black 5 pack for me to test and review."

Airsoft Kombat 47 Issue No. 38 Now Out

The latest issue of the Airsoft Kombat 47 magazine is released. Stories from Issue 38 cover the San Marcial Division of the Spanish Army titled "Advanced Frontier." Already available in the digital right now and will be soon ready at your news agents and stores.

Difference Between Airsoft Magazines

So what are the differences amongst airsoft magazines? Are you also confused between a magazine and a clip? Toronto Airsoft got this video to help you understand airsoft magazines as well as using the right terms right when mentioning a magazine or a clip. A little more information won't harm you so watch it below:

PTS EPM For Marui NEGs Video

Here is a video from PTS Syndicate for the Tokyo Marui Recoil Shock M4, SCAR-L, and HK416D Series... "The PTS Enhanced Polymer Magazine, or EPM for short, is a new type of Polymer Magazine for airsoft rifles. The EPM is a truly unique magazine, inside and out. Externally it features a polymer shell, with recessed panels for better grip, and unique magazine well guides that reduce snagging when the magazine is drawn from and reinserted into pouches.

Firesupport: PTS EPM For TM NEGs News

Firesupport announce that they are now taking pre-orders for the PTS EPM for Tokyo Marui Recoil Shock NEGs. The PTS EPM is a 120-round mid capacity magazine for the Tokyo Marui M4 and SCAR-L NEGs that have the blowback and simulated recoil features. Customers can select between Black and Dark Earth colours.

0'20 Magazine Issue No. 13 Released

The 13th issue of the English Edition of 0'20 Magazine is now released. It reviews three sites in Spain, France and the UK, and reviews of the KJ Works CZ75 SP-01 ACCU, valon Gladius, LCT LC-3A3-S, Wiley-X and More. You can read this online or offline for free, so try and get your copy from the outlet nearest you.

Valken Airsoft Video: V-FLASH Magazine

More information about the V-Flash Magazine available right now in Black and Tan at the Valken store at their authorised dealers... "The Valken V-Flash M4 Magazine is the result of a close collaboration between Valken and Merens Sports. The V-Flash Mag is a 300rd hi-cap airsoft magazine that can be fully wound in just two pulls of the steel cable. The tab for the cable is externally accessible and locks flush with the base of the magazine when not in use.

Valken 300-Rd. M4 V-Flash By Merens

Valken Tactical got the Black and Tan colours of the Valken 300-Round M4 V-Flash Magazines by Merens in stock at their onlines store. They say it is the fastest winding AEG magazine on the market with only two pullts to empty an entire magazine. This is patentn pending mag winding tech and it is made of High Density Polymer.

Air System Shotgun M4 Mag Adapter

SKW Airsoft got in stock the Air System M4 AEG Mag Adapter for Shotguns... "M4 magazine adaptor for shotgun. Allows to use M4 magazines in airsoft shotguns. Compatible with Tokyo Marui (shell window must be retired) Secutor Velites, Double Eagle, Cyma and clones. Made of high resistance ABS"