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DesertFox: How To Play First Milsim

Excited that you are about to play your first airsoft milsim event? A truly airsoft milsim event is more taxing on your stamina as it will be played non-stop over a 24-hour or 72-hour period and that means little sleep or rest can be had during one. DesertFox Airsoft has put together a video to give you some tips on how to play in one... "Here's how to play your first airsoft milsim or event in 5 easy tips.

Infamous Airsoft: Milsim Op. Kandahar

Infamous Airsoft gives his take and shows the highlights of the Operation Kandahar which is a Milsim event that took place in Chile... "An interesting summary review of what was a 12-hour Airsoft event called the Milsim Op. Kandahar in Cajon del Maipo, Chile.

Infamous Airsoft's First Milsim Game

Infamous Airsoft finally gets to play his first milsim event that he has been planning to do so for a long time... "On this occasion with a goal I have pending for some time now, is to record my participation in a MILSIM airsoft game. This recording covers the Mors Ab Alto event that was held in Olmué, Chile on September 2, 2017 by the production company Milsim One. In this event I was part of the US DEVGRU unit that had to infiltrate Russian territory to check the chemical weapons trade.

Gun Gamers: MilSim vs. SpeedSoft Loadouts

A question that many airsoft players, especially those who have just taken their initial steps, is the difference between MilSim and SpeedSoft, especially in terms of loadouts.The Gun Gamers crew are here to the rescue as they cover this in this SpeedSim episode... "This week on SpeedSim, E House and Andre finally do one of the most frequently requested videos they've had since starting this series: A loadout video!

Gun Gamers SpeedSim: SpeedSoft vs. MilSim

What is SpeedSoft and what is Milsim? Gun Gamers talk about these two segments in the airsoft gaming in this episode of their SpeedSim series... "This week on SpeedSim, E House and Andre celebrate our upcoming 3,000 subscriber milestone by finally doing the episode we all knew was coming… a straight up comparison of what we like and dislike about MilSim and SpeedSoft. This should be interesting.

24 Hour MilSim Game Camping Gear

We continue with the Milsim Series from Airsoft GI, helpful for those who are getting into milsim to prepare and for this two-part episode, it is all about camping gear. Just remember that this is for a 24-hour milsim event so you don't need to bring the whole house. Enjoy the train in the background.

ASGI's 24-Hour Milsim Game Prep Tips #1

Going to your first milsim event? It is not your usual airsoft game and you better be prepared when going to one. Don't worry Airsoft GI got you on this and they have video series on how to gear up for a 24-hour milsim game with part 1 about researching and planning for the OPFOR loadout.

RandomTrashy: Are Milsim Players Better?

Let the debate begin, are Milsim players better than than other airsoft players, be it speedball, or the regular weekend airsoft warriors? RandomTrashy touches this topic as part of his Ultimate Guide To Milsim where he takes airsofters who are about to enter milsim learn the key points of safety, comfort, and enjoyment.

Brain Exploder's First Milsim Experience

The Brain Exploder finally gets to taste Milsim as he goes to an event organised by Lion Claws... "After 10 years of airsoft I am finally getting into the whole milsim side of things and it's very addictive. Check out my journey and some of the unexpected obstacles as well as how my expectations compared with reality.

DesertFox Milsim Assault Back Pack Set Up

Find out more about the backpack setup by DesertFox Airsoft that he uses for milsim events or full day airsoft games... "A brief overview of what back pack/assault pack I use for almost all milsim or all day airsoft games.  I also cover other accessories I have added to my pack.  Along with what I put inside my pack for milsim or all day games.