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Gun Gamers On Milsim Support Gunner

Gun Gamers talk about the role of support gunners in Milsim events in this video... "Today on Gun Gamers, E House goes over his opinions on how best to fill the machine gunner role, and how to make your life as a machine gunner easier when playing the role at MilSim games."

Big Lake Tactical Wargames Gameplay

Airsoft Station takes us to have a glimpse of Big Lake Tactical Wargames as they visited the place for a Milsim game. The game site is located in Big Lake, Minnesota... "We spent the day at a Green vs. Tan MILSIM game at Big Lake Tactical Wargames, and Anthony agreed to wear an action cam!"

ASGI: How To Fly To A Milsim Event

Is it possible to fly with our airsoft guns and gear to go to an event? In the U.S. it is possible as long as you follow the tips or steps that those who have experienced in doing so like DesertFox Airsoft. Here is another tip from Airsoft GI Uncut on how fly with your stuff. For other countries, please consult your airline and airport authorities... "Mike goes over a few pointers on how to fly with your guns and gear to a Milsim Event!"

Airsoftology: Real Cost Of Milsim

Is participating in a Milsim game an expensive thing? Well, it depends, as usually the big part is always the travel expenses since a Milsim event can be far from your location. Here is Jonathan Higgs talk about it plus touch other topics such as cheating, gas blowback AK, and team comms in this Airsoftology Q&A Mondays episode:

"Tippmann Mail Call:

"Why Soldiers HATE Airsoft & MIL-SIM?"

Military Group, a YouTube Channel, put up a video on why soldiers hate airsoft and milsim? Do they really? Well, the video fires off some reasons about airsoft players that may just make some servicemen and women cringe which we can agree to. But are these reasons enough to hate airsoft and milsim? Watch the video.

10 Non-Airsoft Items To Bring To A Milsim

Is it your first time to go attend a Milsim event? If you are, it is highly suggest that you plan carefully days ahead of the event as it is not your usual airsoft event. You will spend a lot of time walking before even achieving contact with the opposing force and if contact happens it can be vicious. Toronto Airsoft lists 10 non-airsoft items to help you prepare for one.

Steel Beasts Milsim Event In Spain

Spain Airsoft News got a 33-minute video showing what happened during the Steel Beasts 3 that involved military vehicles... "Najera Events presents its Milsim Beasts of Steel 3. The third installment of this event where the protagonists are the military vehicles of the Spanish army and private military vehicles."

A SpeedSofter On MilSim Games

Many you by now know that Amy of Gun Gamers is more of a SpeedSofter. But she also goes to Milsim events which is in a way, different from SpeedSoft and in this SpeedSim episode, she talks what she thinks of Milsim vis-a-vis SpeedSoft... "In this episode of SpeedSim, Amy discusses her experiences of attending MilSim games and getting used to the difference in playstyle and event structure. Enjoy!"

Milsim Airsoft Player Tries SpeedSoft

Operator Drewski considers himself more of a milsim airsofter and tries his hand on SpeedSoft. Using the EMG F-1 Firearms BDR-15 AEG, will he be able to cope with a more fast paced game of SpeedSoft? Will he like SpeedSoft? Watch the video below to find out if those questions get answered:

Diles46: So You Wanna Milsim?

Milsim can be tough event, depending on how organisers want to give you the ultimate experience in playing airsoft. If you want to survive one, here is Diles46 to talk about it... "If you really want to take your airsoft or milsim gear preperation to the next level... go here and read."