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Milsim Junkie

Arwin The Milsim Junkie Is Alive!

And yes he's back! The Milsim Junkie is back with a MSJNation Live video. The last video that he uploaded was 10 months ago and it was about American Milsim's Broken Home III. He explains that he focused more on playing airsoft games rather than doing videos. Now he's back with his Google Hangouts session. So grab something to drink and munch on, this video is two and half hours long.

DesertFox Player Spotlight: Milsim Junkie

In this week's Airsoft Player Spotlight by DesertFox Airsoft, it's no other than Arwin S., or popularly known as the MilsimJunkie. He talks about how started airsoft, and how he is playing airsoft competitively. If you've been wondering what are the airsoft guns he's mainly using in the video, these are the Elite Force M27 IAR and the Elite Force 1911.

Milsim Junkie's Day Off: Rebel Training

More footage of Airsoft GI's Rebel Training Camp Northern Resistance that was held last 8 February 2014 at the Gamepod Combat Zone. This footage is from the Milsim Junkie which shows him having enjoying the day as he plays as a rebel, and shooting it out in this well attend event at the world's largest airsoft indoor field.

Milsim Junkie with Spartan Import's Leah

Spartan Leah of Spartan Imports goes pistol packin' when she went to the Gamepod Combat Zone where was found by Arwin of Milsim Junkie who took the opportunity to film her with the goodies she brought from Spartan Imports. She brought the new FN-57 CO2 Pistol, a revolver, and the M&P9 pistol, all are available right now from her employer.

Milsim Junkie: LBX Tactical 4019

Milsim Junkie visits the LBX Tactical/London Bridge Trading during the SHOT Show where he checks out the modular Plate Carrier in MAS Grey and the Assault Uniform which is a uniform set available in Multicam and their very own Project Honor camo pattern which we saw in action in one of the Milsim events in the US.

Quick Interview with Milsim Junkie

Jet DesertFox catches an airsoft celebrity at the SHOT Show. He finds Milsim Junkie at the Elite Force Booth without the pretty "future Mrs. Milsim Junkie" whom he had photos with at last year's SHOT Show... "A very brief but funny interview with Arwin aka Milsim Junkie at the Elite Force booth. Smaller appearances by Milsim Samberg and Greg Wong."

Tominator & MilSim Junkie w/ Mako TV

American Airsoft Celebrities graced the 3rd Anniversary of SS Airsoft in Georgia, and Mako TV is no exception (We were invited too, but sadly, we can't afford to attend and do the red carpet interviews). Kilroy was there to catch two of the celebs for interviews: The Tominator of Airsoft Obsessed and Pyramyd Airsoft Blog, and Arwin aka MilSim Junkie Baby!

MilSim Junkie Tests The KWA KRISS Vector

The Tominator sent us a heads up on the KWA KRISS Vector that gets to be tested by the MilSim Junkie and let's watch to find out he gets into the action with it... "See what the world famous MilSim Junkie has to say about the KWA KRISS Vector, available from, after he takes it for a spin at CQB City in his latest Airsoft war video."

Read the full story at the Pyramyd Airsoft Blog.

Charlie vs The MilSim Junkie "Contest"

So who do you think will win an autography signing contest between Charlie of Red Jacket Firearms and Sons of Guns and Arwin, The MilSim Junkie. Airsoft Obsessed askes the two is up to the challenge... "Charlie from Red Jacket Firearms & star of the hit TV show, Sons of Guns, backs down from an autograph challenge with the MilSim Junkie. Sort of. But not really."

Airsoft War at CQB City w/ HK416 & 417

The Tominator gets into the CQB action at CQB City and sees the HK416 and 417 airsoft guns in use... "The world-famous MilSim Junkie was off chasing waterfalls or something, so the I decided to step in and grab some airsoft war footage while I was hanging out at CQB City up in Stockton, California a couple weeks ago.  However, all respect must be given to the MSJ, because putting together a quality airsoft war video is not as easy as he makes it seem.  There is really no substitute for his gameplay capturing wizardry.