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Tokyo Marui MP7A1 GBB Tan Version

Announced today by Tokyo Marui is the tan version of the Tokyo Marui MP7A1 Gas Blowback SMG. A reliable gas blowback MP7A1 it comes with the Tokyo Marui's legendary hop-up mechanism which has the pixie dust that gives good accuracy and range. Expected to be released on the 23rd of April, better ask your favourite retailer if they can reserve one for you.

Tokyo Marui MP7A1 GBB SMG Review

The Tokyo Marui MP7A1 GBB SMG get reviewed by Lancaster Airsoft Russia. Considered to be a reliable MP7A1 GBB SMG but not exactly as 1:1 scale as compared to the VFC/Umarex version, this is said to have good accuracy with Tokyo Marui's legendry hop-up system. Make sure you use the language caption on YouTube to follow this review as it is in Russian.

Mach Sakai: KSC vs TM MP7A1 GBB

It's the battle of two MP7A1 Gas Blowbacks that are available in Japan: the KSC and Tokyo Marui versions. In this review, Mach Sakai finds the recoil is light and easier to handle with the KSC. The Tokyo Marui has stronger recoil and with high accuracy with its hop-up giving it stable and consistent shooting. Which of these would you prefer? Mach Sakai asks.

Mach Sakai's KSC MP7A1 GBB Review

Another gas blowback machine pistol review from Mach Sakai. In this review he shows us the finer aspects of the KSC MP7A1 Gas Blowback SMG where he finds the recoil to be lighter but sharper with the trigger pull light enough for easy to shoot. Going full auto with the KSC MP7A1 GBB is fast and comfortable. He gets pretty good gas usage with it and likes the textture and flash hider.

Laylax TM MP7A1 AEG Stock Base Set

Looking for a way to do a custom MP7A1? Laylax are now taking pre-orders for the Stock Base Set for the Tokyo Marui MP7A1 AEG which allows to you use another type of stock such as those used for M4s... The Set Stock Pipe Stock Ring is attached to the base stock! It is the item for mounting the M4-based stock to the Tokyo Marui made ​​electric MP7A1.

RWC Tokyo Marui NP7A1 Tactical Custom

Fancy having a custom MP7A1 airsoft gun that will make yours a bit different from what is seen in the field? Check this RWC Tokyo Marui NP7A1 Tactical Custom at RedWolf Airsoft... "RWC's newest project is based off the NP7 from Marui. The Marui version was released a couple years after the KSC / KWA version.

Hyperdouraku: VFC MP7A1 GBB Review

Probably the most comprehensive review of the Vega Force Company (VFC) MP7A1 Gas Blowback right now. Hyperdouraku gives us a best introduction of the VFC MP7A1 GBB, checking it out if it's a real 1:1 scale of the original one from which it gets an official licence, adn comparing it to two popular MP7A1 GBBs from Tokyo Marui and KSC. Find out if it fares welll against these two MP7A1s.

H&K Gas Blowback Videos from RA-Tech

It's a Heckler & Koch videofest this time from RA-Tech. They actually posted these videos last week, before they started celebrating the Chinese New Year Celebrations. Check the WE Apache (MP5) videos and more about the Vega Force Company (VFC) new MP7A1 Gas Blowback SMG, testing its recoil and comparing it the KWA version.

Bunny Workshop: VFC MP7A1 GBB Demo

Here's a quick video of the VFC MP7A1 GBB SMG Asia Edition which is now in stock at Bunny Workshop... "Umarex H&K Licensed Gas Blowback MP7A1 Gas Blow Back Submachine Gun with Fully & Semi-Automatic Shooting Modes. Each cycling will open & close the bolt cover and comes with a functional cocking handle with Bolt locking after the last shot.

AST VFC MP7A1 & WE Apache A2 Videos

Two new video links were sent in by Airsoft Taiwan. The first one is the Vega Force Company (VFC) MP7A1 which is said to be the true 1:1 scale to the real H&K MP7A1 and it is compared to the KWA version with a full take down and assembly. The second one is the second WE Airsoft Apache, which is the A2 model, that we all know is also based on the H&k MP5.