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Nemesis Arms

Mach Sakai: Echo1 Nemesis Arms Vanquish

If you are looking for a fully licensed airsoft version of the Nemesis Arms Vanquish, you will have to look for the Echo1 USA version. It has a removable barrel, quick swap bolt function, TDC hop-up chamber and it is spring and CO2 powered. It can be easily taken down that it can fit briefcase for covert operations. Mach Sakai checks it out for externals, operation, and accuracy in a quick steel challenge.

Nemesis Arms Valkyrie Precision Rifle

Watch this video from the Tactical Rifleman about the Valkyrie Precision Rifle from Nemesis Arms and you might want an airsoft version of it... "This week at Tactical Rifleman we had the opportunity to spend some time with our friend David Ives from Nemesis Arms, and his very impressive creation, the Valkyrie ambidextrous precision rifle.