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Is the SSG-24 Sniper Rifle Worth It?

Tim Selby is now in Canada and in this video from Airsoft Amigos, he talks about the SSG-24 sniper rifle from Novritsch... "It's been a whole year since  the first release of the SSG-24 and since we haven't had the chance to review it yet, and thanks to House Gamers & NOVRITSCH, we can say all we want about it!"

Novritsch Tries The AI 40 Mike Gas Shell

Airsoft's biggest celebrity, Novritsch, tries the controversial 40 Mike Gas Shell from Airsoft Innovations. A radically redesigned 40mm gas shell for airsoft, can spit out 150 BBs in a second to a maximum range of 100 feet. This uses the Airsoft Innovations patented Quantum Drive Technology that delivers the highest energy output in a 40mm airsoft gas shell.

DesertFox Airsoft: Novritsch SSG24

DesertFox Airsoft checks out the bestest, awesomest and considered to be the king of airsoft sniper rifles because it is made by the king of airsoft snipers, Novritsch. Yes, we know we are exaggerating. Anyway, here is Jet's take on the Novritsch SSG24 in his "Straight Outta The Box" series.

Mil-Spec Monkey, VFC & More At Gunfire

Gunfire sends in a nice list of new brands that have arrived at their warehouse and are now gracing their shelves. They received deliveries from VFC for airsoft guns, optics from Theta Optics as well as UTG, patches from Mil-Spec Monkey, upgrade parts from Retro Arms, and BioBBs done under the name of Novritsch. Just click the links below to learn more:

Tactical Shirts Airsoft: Novritsch SSG24 Review

Tactical Shirts Airsoft does the first review of the Novritsch SSG24 Sniper Rifle in the Spanish language (English subs included)... "We analyzed the Novritsch SSG24 sniper. What do you think about it? It is a rifle designed ready to be used out of the box for immediate gameplay without the need for further upgrades."

Swamp Sniper On The Novritsch SSG24

Swamp Sniper gives his opinion on the Novritsch SSG24 Sniper Rifle, especially that this product has its share of detractors... "A lot of people hate and talk crap about the Novritsch SSG24 and it's their right to do so. In 10 years of owning my own field (Ballahack Airsoft) I have never seen any stock rifle shoot this good. I really don't care to argue about how people 'feel' towards Novritsch. I won't even argue for the gun. Just see how she shoots.

Swamp Sniper Tests The Novritsch SSG24

The Swamp Sniper tests the Novritsch SSG24 if it is a good buy for those who want to be airsoft snipers... "Swamp Sniper, owner of Ballahack Airsoft Field, testing out the new Novritsch SSG24 in gameplay. Is it worth it? Find out with me. It may be the perfect stock airsoft sniper rifle you can buy on the market and at a cost of $485 I believe it's worth it. But, don't take my word for it. Watch how it performs. Making a review video of the Novritsch SSg24 is going to be a blast.

IWA 2017: Novritsch Is Here! Novritsch Is Here!

At the IWA Outdoor Classics, sometimes you get the surprise of your life meeting some celebrated people in the industry. Before, I was able to shake the hands of Ronnie Barrett himself, and of course many airsoft celebrities such as the Airsoft Surgeon. Now, here is a video of today's biggest airsoft celebrity purportedly passing by whilst inside a white limousine in the Nuremberg City Centre --- Novritsch. Here are "fans" going crazy taking a video of the car their idol was in and shouting his name:

Brain Exploder Tries Out Novritsch BBs

The Brain Exploder tries out the BBs under the Novritsch brand with his Silverback SRS sniper rifle... "Big thanks to Novritsch for sending me a couple of 555 bottles to try out. These BBs are pure white and I had no feeding issues. The little curve you see is a combination of wind and my gun shooting a tad hooked, I hope to work out the little kink and get it laser like."

Novritsch SSG24 Sniper Rifle Review

Silo Entertainment reviews the Novritsch SSG24 Sniper Rifle via gameplay. Made to the specifications of the Novritsch, a well known airsoft sniper, this can handle springs up to M190 and is ready to go out of the box with no need for tuning or modifications and it uses a 6.01 precision inner barrel.